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Evil Lives Here Season 7 Episodes

12 Episodes 2020 - 2020

Episode 1

It Was All Judith

Sun, Jan 5, 2020 60 mins

As a child, Corey Breininger's stepmother Judith Hawkey coerced him into doing something horrible. Tormented by guilt, he kept her deadly secret for years.

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Episode 2

I Raised a Sociopath

Sun, Jan 12, 2020 60 mins

On the day Robert Foust contemplated killing his own son, Aaron, he saw it as the only way to prevent Aaron from becoming a murderer. But instead, Robert chose to put himself and his son in God's hands. And God's plan would make him question everything.

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Episode 3

The Nights I Don't Remember

Sun, Jan 19, 2020 60 mins

On the mornings when Joylynn Martinez couldn't remember the night before, she always told herself that she must have had too much to drink. She never suspected that her own husband, Robert Howard Bruce, was responsible or that he was just getting started.

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Episode 4

My Brother Made History

Sun, Jan 26, 2020 60 mins

Travis Spencer never imagined that the pranks his brother did to him as a kid was a practice for the torture he'd use on others.

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Episode 5

While I Was Gone

Wed, Jan 29, 2020 60 mins

Michele Ward never guessed her husband sent her away because his perversion was harder to hide.

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Episode 6

I Wished My Son Were Dead

Sun, Feb 9, 2020 60 mins

It has been more than 25 years, yet Joyce Alexander is still terrified of her son, William Patrick Alexander. She fears he holds her responsible for his horrifying crime and is convinced he is plotting his revenge from prison.

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Episode 7

You Have to Get Out

Sun, Feb 16, 2020 60 mins

Edward Pehowic harbored dark secrets before he married Robin Healey and she would catch only glimpses of her husband's dark side. But it wasn't until after she finally escaped from him once and for all that she realized just how evil he was.

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Episode 8

I Should Have Killed Him Myself

Sun, Feb 23, 2020 60 mins

John Duck spent his entire life fearing the day his brother, Kevin, would finally kill someone. When he discovered his brother was actually a murderer, he still wasn't ready to face the truth he had always known: that his brother had been born a killer.

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Episode 9

He Almost Got Away With It

Sun, Mar 1, 2020 60 mins

Timothy Bass had gotten away with murder for decades, telling wife Gina that he enjoyed working the night shift to make extra money. For years, Gina believed him until she uncovered his secret and was left wondering what evil her husband had done.

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Episode 10

He Said There Were More of Them

Sun, Mar 8, 2020 60 mins

It never occurred to Shirley Gaskins that the father she adored could be a serial killer, but the more people vanished without explanation, the harder it was to deny.

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Episode 11

He Won't Tell Us Why

Sun, Mar 15, 2020 60 mins

When their family was torn apart, neither Richard nor Ryan could admit that their dad was to blame.

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Episode 12

The Werewolf Butcher

Sun, Mar 22, 2020 60 mins

A look at the life and crimes of Jack "Roy" Spillman, also known as the Werewolf Butcher -- a man "more animal than human."

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