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DC Super Hero Girls

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Tara Strong
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Head of the Class

5 Seasons
Created by Michael Elias and Rich Eustis, the weekly, half-hour ABC sitcom Head of the Class was partially based on Eustis' own experiences as a substitute teacher in New York. Howard Hesseman starred as substitute teacher Charlie Moore, who was assigned to take over the Individual Honors Program (IHP) at New York City's Monroe High School (later known as Fillmore High). In a neat reversal of the Welcome Back, Kotter premise, Charlie's charges were not underachieving "sweat hogs," but instead were all academic geniuses. The IHP was the pride and joy of the school's pompous principal Dr. Harold Samuels (William G. Schilling), who cared only about high GPA averages and winning academic trophies. Charlie on the other hand was concerned that his brilliant students lacked the social skills and emotional equipment to survive in the "real" world. Thus, rather than merely sit at his desk and allow the students to read and study all by themselves, Mr. Moore endeavored to prepare them for adulthood by enthusiastically teaching them a few pages from what he called "The Book of Life." Dr. Samuels didn't care much for Charlie's freewheeling approach, but assistant principal Bernadette Mehra (Jeanetta Arnette) was a firm supporter of the unorthodox Mr. Moore -- as long as he got the right results, of course. Several of the IHP students remained with the series throughout its five-season run, even though logic dictated that they would have probably graduated sometime in the third or fourth year. Among the longest-lasting regulars were Robin Givens as pampered preppy Darlene Merriman; Tony O'Dell as Darlene's male counterpart Allan Pinkard; Dan Frischman as the requisite geek Arvid Engen (pocket protector and all), Khrystyne Haje as aspiring poet Simone Foster; Dan Schneider as chubby, wisecracking chemistry whiz Dennis Blunden; Brian Robbins as the brilliant but thuggish Eric Mardian, who regarded himself as way too cool for the room; and Kimberly Russell as artistically gifted Sarah Nevins. Of the "original" students, a handful left the series at the end of season three -- the overambitious Maria Borges (Leslie Bega), who practically went into shock if she ever got any grade below an A, transferred to the High School of Performing Arts; Jawarhalal Sodhury (Jory Husain), the obligatory "funny foreigner" Indian-born student, moved to California; and 12-year-old child prodigy Janice Lazorroto (Tannis Vallely) entered Harvard. Later additions to the IHP included Rain Pryor as streetwise Theola June "T.J." Jones, an underachiever with an attitude who fought long and hard to qualify for the "smart class" and finally made it after two seasons; De'Voreaux White as budding filmmaker Aristotle McKenzie; Lara Piper as the gorgeous Viki Amory; Michael de Lorenzo as Alex Torres; and finally, Jonathan Ke Quan as Jasper Kwong. When star Howard Hesseman left the series at the end of the fourth season, it was explained that Mr. Moore had landed an acting job (the same reason that series co-creator Rich Eustis had quit teaching himself). At the beginning of season five, Scottish comedian Billy Connolly replaced Hesseman as the IHP's new teacher, perennial jokester Billy McGregor, a character who later resurfaced in Connolly's 1992 series Billy. Debuting September 17, 1986, Head of the Class ran until June 25, 1991, for a total of 112 episodes.
1986 Family, Comedy, Other

The Fairly OddParents

10 Seasons
The zany, fast-paced adventures of a 10-year-old boy and his fairy godparents, who inadvertently create havoc as they grant wishes for their pint-sized charge. The zany, fast-paced adventures of a 10-year-old boy Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda, who inadvertently create havoc as they grant wishes for their pint-sized charge. Cosmo and Wanda are very generous with their wishes as Timmy is tortured by his babysitter Vicky and neglected by his parents.
2001 TVY7 Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Kids, Other, Science Fiction

Green Acres

6 Seasons
The third of producer Paul Henning's enormously successful "rustic" comedies of the 1960s, Green Acres made its CBS bow on September 15, 1965. Reversing the situation established on Henning's The Beverly Hillbillies, in which a group of yokels was transplanted to luxurious Beverly Hills, Green Acres stars Eddie Albert as prosperous Manhattan attorney Oliver Wendell Douglas, who to fulfill a lifelong dream forsook his sophisticated surroundings to become a farmer in the tiny rural community of Hooterville. Reluctantly going along for the ride was Oliver's sexy Hungarian wife, Lisa (Eva Gabor), who though she eventually resigned herself to farm life still insisted upon wearing expensive clothes and jewelry while milking cows and plowing the North 40. Alas, she never quite learned to cook, and her rock-hard hotcakes would soon become the source of many hearty laughs from the viewers. Unfortunately for Oliver, the farm he purchased was in deplorable condition, and the surrounding 160 acres weren't much better. Our hero had been suckered into this situation by bucolic con artist Mr. Haney (Pat Buttram), who continued to fleece the Douglases by selling them expensive -- and generally useless -- farm implements and creature comforts throughout the series' six-season run. Mr. Haney was but one of the many eccentric characters who seemed to have been put on earth to make Oliver Douglas' life miserable. Others included county agent Hank Kimball (Alvy Moore), who never made a statement without immediately contradicting himself ("Good morning, Mr. Douglas. Well...it isn't really good because it's gonna rain...and it's after noon, so it's not really morning..." etc., etc., etc.); doltish handyman Ed Dawson (Tom Lester), who looked upon the Douglases as his surrogate parents and constantly prevailed upon them to bail him out of trouble (usually girl trouble); carpenters and twin siblings Alf and Ralph Malone (Sid Melton and Mary Grace Canfield), who never quite managed to finish construction on the Douglases' bedroom; and neighboring farmer Hank Ziffel (Hank Patterson) and his wife, Doris (played first by Barbara Pepper, then by Fran Ryan), owners of a TV-watching pig named Arnold, who regarded himself as a human being -- and who developed into the series' biggest "superstar"! Inasmuch as Green Acres was the sister series to Paul Henning's Petticoat Junction -- also set in the mythical village of Hooterville -- there were a number of crossover episodes between the two programs. Also, Frank Cady appeared as storekeeper Sam Drucker on both shows, while one of Petticoat Junction's main characters, Uncle Joe Bradley (Edgar Buchanan), dropped in from time to time. One of the series' most endearing trademarks was its strain of surrealistic humor. This manifested itself in many ways, but none quite as memorable as the method in which the opening credit titles were presented. In several installments, a confused Lisa Douglas would comment upon "those little names" that appeared in front of her on the screen; and in at least one instance, the directorial credit showed up on a newly laid egg! Although it is not generally known, Green Acres was based on a radio series titled Granby's Green Acres, which like its TV counterpart was created by Jay Sommers and written by Dick Chevillat. All but one of the TV series' episodes was directed by Richard L. Bare, a past master at depicting comic frustration, as could be seen in his wonderful "Joe McDoakes" theatrical shorts of the 1940s and '50s. Green Acres might well have run forever had CBS not decided during the 1970-1971 season to purge itself of all its "rural" comedies; thus, the series came to an end on September 7, 1971, still as popular and hilarious as ever.
1965 TVG Family, Comedy, Other

Black Love

6 Seasons
Love stories from the black community explore the secrets behind successful marriages.
2017 TV14 Documentary, Family, Other

Craig of the Creek

4 Seasons
Young Craig and his two friends, Kelsey and John, live in Herkleston, Maryland. They experience a series of misadventures in and around their neighborhood's creek.
2018 TVY7 Family, Kids, Other

Little House on the Prairie

9 Seasons
The Third Miracle - Laura and Albert give Nellie and Mrs. Oleson quite a buzz when the Ingalls' children offer a hive of bees to their rivals... not telling them they are really hornets!
1974 TVPG Drama, Family, Other

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