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Crikey! It's the Irwins Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

14 Episodes 2018 - 2019

Episode 1

Steve's Legacy Continues

Sun, Oct 28, 2018 60 mins

After months of training, Robert steps into his father's shoes to feed an Australian crocodile, Graham, in front of the entire Crocoseum; and Bindi witnesses when Cedar the Koala gives birth to twins.

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Crikey! It's the Irwins, Season 1 Episode 1 image

Episode 2

Tiger Eyes

Sun, Nov 4, 2018 60 mins

It's a big day for Hunter the Sumatran tiger. He is blind and must be sedated for his annual eye check, allowing Terri to get closer than usual. Meanwhile, the keepers prepare young giraffe Scarlett for a road trip to southern Australia, reuniting her with family.

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Episode 3

Giraffe Road Trip

Sun, Nov 11, 2018 60 mins

The family prepares Croc One, Steve Irwin's research ship, for a mission to release an endangered sea turtle back to the wild. Meanwhile, Scarlett the giraffe is reunited with her grandmother; and Grub the wild echidna is released from the Zoo's Wildlife Hospital.

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Episode 4

Robert, King of Cobras

Sun, Nov 18, 2018 60 mins

Robert follows in Steve's steps wrangling Utah, a highly venomous 12-foot king cobra; Dr. Amber visits Tandora to care for wild koalas; and back at the zoo, an old injury flares up for Bruce, the brolga, a bird who's been in Irwin's care for several years.

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Episode 5

Bindi's Lemur Island

Sun, Nov 25, 2018 60 mins

The Australia Zoo's alligator snapping turtles need a health check, and it's Robert's job to protect from their fierce bites; Terri and Bindi welcome seven new lemurs from the U.S.; and the Zoo's Rescue Unit is called to save possums caught in a chimney.

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Episode 6

Irwin African Adventure

Sun, Dec 2, 2018 60 mins

Following Steve's dream of global conservation, the Irwins travel to South Africa. Terri helps release a wild leopard, Bindi learns from the all-female anti-poaching squad The Black Mambas, and Robert attempts to photograph Africa's "Big Five."

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Episode 7

It's A Baby Giraffe!

Sun, Dec 9, 2018 60 mins

Rosie the Giraffe is ready to give birth. Robert has a bloody encounter with a wild python that's entered an enclosure, and Terri helps the keepers wrangle Chief the Tasmanian Devil.

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Episode 8

Robert's Baby Kangaroo

Sun, Dec 16, 2018 60 mins

Bindi and the keepers ready Sophie the baby giraffe for her first steps into her enclosure. Robert helps to hand-raise another baby: Melman the kangaroo. Terri oversees a health check for one of the zoo's favorite characters, Ravi the red panda.

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Episode 9

Race To Save The Platypus

Sun, Dec 23, 2018 60 mins

Terri welcomes Mballa, a new cheetah cub from South Africa, to the Australia Zoo family. Meanwhile, Robert sets out to save a stranded platypus and Bindi prepares to meet Bert the koala joey as he emerges from his mother's pouch for the first time.

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Episode 10

Bindi & The Otters

Sun, Dec 30, 2018 60 mins

Wes and Robert remove eggs from the nest of saltwater crocs Terra and Bosco; Bindi tends to the training of otters Percival and Daisy; and Terri makes a zoo volunteer's dream come true.

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Episode 11

Swimming With Manta Rays

Sun, Jan 6, 2019 60 mins

Robert travels to the Great Barrier Reef to help conduct research on manta rays. The zoo's staff team up to save a baby wallaby struggling to survive.

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Episode 12

Pawing Terri's Heart

Sat, Jan 12, 2019 60 mins

Terri attends Charlie the tiger's exam to determine if his tumors were successfully treated; Bindi and the Small Mammal team help develop a vaccine for Eden the Tasmanian devil.

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Episode 13

Tortoise First Date

Sun, Jan 20, 2019 60 mins

Wes and Robert remove eggs from the nest of dangerous saltwater crocs Terra and Bosco. Meanwhile, Bindi tends to the training of otters Percival and Daisy.

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Episode 14

Steve's Croc Mission Lives On

Sun, Jan 27, 2019 60 mins

The family makes their annual trip to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve to capture, study and release wild crocodiles. They continue the mission started by Steve and Terri, providing scientific research vital to the protection of Australia's apex predators.

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