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Coach Season 9 Episodes

23 Episodes 1996 - 1997

Episode 1

Sleepless in Orlando

Sat, Sep 28, 1996 30 mins

With Christine and Timothy ailing, Hayden has to take on all the parenting duties---while also preparing for a game. Referee: J.D. Hall. Mason: Tim Agee. Bellboy: Patrick Richwood. Doctor: Tom Virtue.

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Episode 2

Just Short of the Goal

Sat, Oct 5, 1996 30 mins

When Hayden passes on the chance to write a memoir of his failures with the Breakers, Luther decides to write it, without Hayden's involvement. Walter: Richard Roat. Man: Jack Riley. Luther: Jerry Van Dyke.

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Episode 3

Last Tango in Orlando

Sat, Oct 12, 1996 30 mins

Luther is jealous of a kicker (Luigi Amodeo) whom Doris sees as the answer to the Breakers' prayers. Band Leader: Javier Grajeda. John: John Valdetero. Howard: Kenneth Kimmins. Doris: Katherine Helmond. Dauber: Bill Fagerbakke.

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Episode 4

Isn't It Romantic

Sat, Oct 19, 1996 30 mins

Hayden's plans for an evening of dinner and dancing with Christine go awry when she resists leaving the baby at home. Pianist Michael Feinstein appears as himself. Waiter: Gene Weygandt. Maitre d': David St. James. Christine: Shelley Fabares.

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Episode 5

We Can Never Die

Sat, Oct 26, 1996 30 mins

The Foxes have second thoughts after asking the Burleighs (Kenneth Kimmins, Georgia Engel) to become Tim's legal guardians. Tom: James McDonnell. Doris: Katherine Helmond. Dauber: Bill Fagerbakke. Christine: Shelley Fabares.

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Episode 6


Sat, Oct 26, 1996 30 mins

Dauber considers breaking up with his new girlfriend because he thinks that Hayden doesn't like her. Customer: Ronnie Schell. Gary: Scott N. Stevens. Wesley: Jason Graae. Dwarf #6: Michael Lee Gogin.

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Episode 7

In the Money

Wed, Dec 11, 1996 30 mins

Luther's ready to walk down the aisle with Doris---until a prenup agreement guaranteeing the groom a fortune goes to his head. Luther: Jerry Van Dyke. Doris: Katherine Helmond. Tailor #1: Jonathan Stockwell Baker.

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Episode 8

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Wed, Dec 18, 1996 30 mins

A long-shot chance of the Breakers making the playoffs threatens the Foxes' holiday plans. Cameos by Al Michaels, Frank Gifford and Dan Dierdorf. Shirley: Georgia Engel. Howard: Kenneth Kimmins. Doris: Katherine Helmond.

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Episode 9

Wings over Buffalo

Fri, Dec 20, 1996 30 mins

Luther's love of chicken wings saddles the Breakers with a case of food poisoning on the eve of a big game. Chris Berman and Tom Jackson have cameos. Doc: Richard Penn. Buffalo Billy: Blake Clark. Luther: Jerry Van Dyke.

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Episode 10

Somewhere Out There

Wed, Jan 8, 1997 30 mins

When Dauber becomes obsessed about alien abduction, Hayden gives him an ultimatum: if he can't stay focused, he's fired. Dauber: Bill Fagerbakke. Howard: Kenneth Kimmins. Doris: Katherine Helmond.

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Episode 11

A Boy and His Doll

Wed, Jan 22, 1997 30 mins

The Burleighs' gift of a "Princess Tiffany" doll for Tim presents a problem for Hayden, who loses the beloved toy at a truck-stop diner. Jesse: William Sanderson. Joe Bob: Dennis Burkley. Waitress: Milly Ericson. Billy: Dee Jay Daniels.

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Episode 12

The Body Gardener

Wed, Feb 5, 1997 30 mins

When Hayden's former gardener (Tim Conway) is fired, the coach writes him a glowing job recommendation. Driver: Kevin Hosty. Waiter: Jayson Creek. Waterman: Bryan Clark. Rosemary: Vicki Juditz.

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Episode 13

To Ski or Not to Ski

Wed, Feb 12, 1997 30 mins

The gang heads off to a ski resort, where Dauber spends his time trying to hide from Judy (Pam Stone) after spotting her in a store and Hayden and Christine argue about which slope to ski. Hayden: Craig T. Nelson.

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Episode 14

It's a Swamp Thing

Wed, Feb 19, 1997 30 mins

Hayden, Luther, Dauber and Howard decide to celebrate "Man Week" in a cabin in the Everglades, so Doris, Christine and Shirley take a vacation of their own. Jeb: Pat Corley. Lars: Tom Gdala.

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Episode 15

Viva Las Ratings

Wed, Feb 26, 1997 30 mins

Luther, Howard and Dauber head to Las Vegas, where Luther plans to "invest" his life savings in an auction of Elvis memorabilia. But he's forced to battle against an equally determined bidder. Drew Carey and Brett Butler have cameos.

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Episode 16

A Fox by Any Other Name

Wed, Mar 12, 1997 30 mins

Hayden recalls how Tim got his name following the coach's mishap with a hospital clerk and an ensuing baby-naming contest sponsored by an antagonistic sportswriter. Kevin: Mark Lowenthal. Larry: Matt Griesser. Hayden: Craig T. Nelson.

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Episode 17

The Stench of Death

Wed, Mar 26, 1997 30 mins

Doris gives the coaches a session with her psychic, but the woman's prediction troubles Luther, who comes to believe that a defensive tackle is out to kill him. Tom: Elston Ridgle. Magda: Kathleen Freeman.

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Episode 18

Baby Coaches

Wed, Apr 2, 1997 30 mins

Hayden is upset when a mother boasts that her baby girl---who's just days older than Tim---can already walk and talk. Pamela: Doria Cook-Nelson. Lucy: Catherine McClenahan. Hayden: Craig T. Nelson.

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Episode 19


Wed, Apr 16, 1997 30 mins

Hayden's enthusiasm for his new defensive coordinator---Dick Butkus---quickly wanes when the former linebacker starts taking over. Dick Butkus: Himself. Bill: Todd Susman. Phyllis: Lisa Raggio. Hayden: Craig T. Nelson.

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Episode 20

The Neighbor Hood

Wed, Apr 23, 1997 30 mins

The Foxes are recruited as part of a sting operation after they accept a package for neighbors whom they've never met. Kathi: Randee Heller. Albert: Tony Plana. Ted: Bruce Jarchow. Frank: Kelly Perine.

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Episode 21

Leaving Orlando - Part 1

Wed, May 7, 1997 30 mins

The Foxes retreat to their cabin to buy Hayden time to consider Doris's contract offer. Part 1 of three. Bobby Vinton has a cameo. Doris: Katherine Helmond. Rosemary: Vicki Juditz. Christine: Shelley Fabares. Hayden: Craig T. Nelson

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Episode 22

Leaving Orlando - Part 2

Wed, May 14, 1997 30 mins

Hayden, Luther and Dauber reminisce about their college-coaching years after they visit Minnesota State. Part 2 of three. Mrs. Thorkelson: Pat Crawford Brown. Nick: Earl Bullock. Martha: Beth Grant.

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Episode 23

Leaving Orlando - Part 3

Wed, May 14, 1997 30 mins

Conclusion. Howard reveals the other pro teams that are interested in Hayden; and the Foxes make a decision about their future. The series finale includes comments by the cast. Doris: Katherine Helmond. Hayden: Craig T. Nelson.

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