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Coach Season 8 Episodes

25 Episodes 1995 - 1996

Episode 1

Is It Hot in Here or Is It Me? - Part 1

Wed, Sep 13, 1995 30 mins

Hayden leaves Minnesota to coach an NFL team in Orlando, then finds that the team owner has her own game plan. Part 1. Doris: Katherine Helmond. Parade Official: Jay Crimp. Billy: Fred Stoller.

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Episode 2

Is It Hot in Here or Is It Me? - Part 2

Wed, Sep 20, 1995 30 mins

Conclusion. Hayden tries to win over both Doris and the press while readying the Breakers for their first game. Larry King has a cameo. Doris: Katherine Helmond. Woman #1: Patricia Belcher. Woman #2: Phyllis Avery.

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Episode 3

Fool for Lunch

Wed, Sep 27, 1995 30 mins

Luther bites off more than he can chew when three women vie for his attention. Frank: Parley Baer. Mildred: Georgann Johnson. Alice: Jennifer Bassey. Lois: Lois Nettleton. Martin: Julio Oscar Mechoso.

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Episode 4

She's Having Our Baby - Part 1

Tue, Oct 17, 1995 30 mins

Hayden and Christine consider adopting a baby, but their ages may jinx the process. Part 1 of two. Stu: Mark Davenport. Receptionist: April Ortiz. Ron: Don Sparks. Mrs. DiMateo: Claudette Nevins. Rosemary: Vicki Juditz.

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Episode 5

She's Having Our Baby - Part 2

Tue, Oct 24, 1995 30 mins

Conclusion. A pregnant woman (A.J. Langer) considers the Foxes as adoptive parents for her baby. John: John Valdetero. Eddie: Shashawnee Hall. Doug: Cliff Bemis. Rosemary: Vicki Juditz.

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Episode 6

Bo Knows

Tue, Oct 31, 1995 30 mins

Hayden's star quarterback from Minnesota State shows an interest in joining the Breakers. Announcer: Greg Fine. John: John Valdetero. Bill: Todd Susman. Martin: Julio Oscar Mechoso. Doris: Katherine Helmond.

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Episode 7

Coach's Cornered

Tue, Nov 7, 1995 30 mins

After Doris fires the hostile host (Nick Bakay) of her TV station's post-game show, she surprises Hayden by offering the job to Christine. Stage Manager: Dustin MacDonald. Martin: Julio Oscar Mechoso. Doris: Katherine Helmond.

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Episode 8

Turtle World

Tue, Nov 14, 1995 30 mins

Luther regrets purchasing a roadside attraction when he learns that the animals on display there are dying. Former NFLers Eric Dickerson, Lawrence Taylor and Walter Payton have cameos. Dr. Howard: Ronnie Schell.

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Episode 9

There's Got to Be a Mourning After - Part 1

Tue, Nov 21, 1995 30 mins

Luther seems unmoved by the death of his dog until Doris (Katherine Helmond) offers advice. Part 1 of two. Eddie: Shashawnee Hall. John: John Valdetero. Dauber: Bill Fagerbakke. Christine: Shelley Fabares.

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Episode 10

There's Got to Be a Mourning After - Part 2

Tue, Nov 28, 1995 30 mins

Conclusion. Hayden and Luther iron out their differences about Doris. Meanwhile, in spite of the team's losing season, the coaching staff perks up. Eddie: Shashawnee Hall. John: John Valdetero. Martin: Julio Oscar Mechoso.

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Episode 11

Bye, Bye Burleigh - Part 1

Tue, Dec 5, 1995 30 mins

Hayden fumes when the Burleighs (Kenneth Kimmins, Georgia Engel) come for a surprise visit. Part 1 of two. Kisley: Charles Hallahan. Rosemary: Vicki Juditz. Martin: Julio Oscar Mechoso. Dauber: Bill Fagerbakke.

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Episode 12

Bye, Bye Burleigh - Part 2

Tue, Dec 12, 1995 30 mins

Conclusion. Hayden waffles over helping Howard search for a job. Meanwhile, the coaches see a window of opportunity for their first win of the season. Bobby: Jed Rhein. Martin: Julio Oscar Mechoso. Shirley: Georgia Engel.

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Episode 13

The Tight End

Tue, Dec 19, 1995 30 mins

Doris tells Hayden to re-sign a handsome washout (Charles Wahlheim) so he can model swimwear for the team. Sportscasters Frank Gifford, Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf have cameos. John: John Valdetero.

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Episode 14

Nice Guys Get Cut

Tue, Jan 2, 1996 30 mins

Hayden loses his appetite when Christine invites a soon-to-be-fired player (Steve Fitchpatrick) over for dinner. Peter: Carl Glissmeyer. Luke: Kyle Bradley. Joshua: Jordan Warkal. Sarah: Chelsea Russo. Mary Luba: Connie Ray.

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Episode 15

Her Boyfriend's Back

Fri, Jan 26, 1996 30 mins

The father (Noah Nelson) of Julie's baby shows up on Hayden's doorstep in need of some sound advice. Receptionist: Jane Downs. Older Woman: Barbara Murray. Second Woman: Dede Shire. Dr. Nichols: Bruce French.

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Episode 16

The Gardener

Tue, Feb 6, 1996 30 mins

When Hayden fires his gardener (Tim Conway), he gets a chilly reception from Luther, who thinks the worker deserves a second chance. Blaisdell: Charles Bouvier. Philip: Brett Bigley. John: John Valdetero.

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Episode 17

Patching Things Up

Tue, Feb 13, 1996 30 mins

Christine needs to cheer up Hayden after a doctor connects his diminished sex drive to "male menopause." Girl: Ferrari Farris. Debbee: Claudette Mink. Rosemary: Vicky Juditz. Doris: Katherine Helmond.

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Episode 18

Save the Wave

Tue, Feb 20, 1996 30 mins

Doris decides to move the Breakers to Los Angeles. 1995 Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George has a cameo. Ed: Sam Lloyd. Sean: Sean Masterson. Shirley: Georgia Engel. Howard: Kenneth Kimmins.

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Episode 19

Dauber's Vehicle

Tue, Feb 27, 1996 30 mins

Dauber buys a car, but can't keep up with the expense. Salesman: Michael C. McCarthy. Max: Michael O'Connor. Eldon: Christopher J. Keene. Jean: Andrea Parker. Rosemary: Vicki Juditz.

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Episode 20


Tue, Mar 12, 1996 30 mins

When Luther's pet monkey bites Hayden, he and the rest of the coaching staff are quarantined for fear of an outbreak of some kind of virus. Dr. Salters: John O'Hurley. Eddie: Shashawnee Hall. John: John Valdetero. Rosemary: Vicki Juditz.

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Episode 21

Van Dam vs. Fox

Tue, Mar 19, 1996 30 mins

When Luther burns himself at Hayden's barbecue, he skewers his host with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. Bailiff: Mark Lassiter. Dybinski: Jim Boeke. Currey: Eric Christmas. Judge: Don Perry.

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Episode 22

Fantasy Camp

Tue, Apr 2, 1996 30 mins

Hayden kicks himself for agreeing to help coach at a football fantasy camp, but Luther and Dauber can't wait to go up against him. Gasmer: Andy Flaster. Goldberg: Mark Blankfield. Blatt: Leslie Jordan.

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Episode 23

Luther Get Your Gun

Tue, Apr 30, 1996 30 mins

Luther gets a shot at impressing Doris's friends when he claims to be an expert hunter. Doris: Katherine Helmond. Tita: Millicent Martin. Jinky: Nicolas Coster. Boom: Walter Addison.

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Episode 24

Player to Be Named Later

Tue, May 7, 1996 30 mins

Hayden worries about fumbling the Breakers' first-choice pick in the draft. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a cameo, as do receiver Keyshawn Johnson, Joe Theismann and former coach Mike Ditka. Bill: Todd Susman.

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Episode 25

Somebody's Baby

Tue, May 21, 1996 30 mins

As Hayden labors to be a good birthing coach for Julie, he begins to wonder if she's having second thoughts about giving up the baby. Julie: A. J. Langer. Brian: Craig Anton. Casey: Robert Peters. Lorretta: Janet Carroll.

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