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Ali Ki Khalbali Season 1, Episode 40 Jan 1, 1998 Subscription

Actor Ali Asgar is horrified, when he sees a dead body in a matrimonial costume, lying in his car. Clearly terrified and indecisive, he drives the body back to the shooting spot, but is unable to get his mind off it. He even dreams of Daya slapping him for giving lame excuses. Will Ali Asgar be able to draw himself out of the sticky mess he is in?

CID Ki Daud Season 1, Episode 39 Jan 1, 1998 Subscription

The CID group finally decide to take a break, and go on a trip to Goa, when they notice a small girl, who is badly injured. Upon further investigation, they discover a letter buried in the girl's pocket, which leads to details of the whereabouts of her father, who had been in the ICU. When they follow her father, Mayank Kumar, they are lead to a series of conspiracies surrounding him.

Khooni Jungle Season 1, Episode 38 Jan 1, 1998 Subscription

A family's peaceful lunch is disturbed, when a severed hand falls out of the air, and lands in one of the plates. Terrified, they report it to the CID, who start investigating the initials 'R.V.' inscribed on it. Meanwhile, a lot of people are reported missing. The search behind the mysterious hand leads them deep into the forests of Phoolwari. Will they crack the mystery of the severed arm?

Khatarnak Bikers 2 Season 1, Episode 37 Jan 1, 1998 Subscription

A group of bikers use their biking skills, to try and pull off the biggest heist of their lives. They intend to complete 'Mission ABG' on the 21st of March, but soon find themselves being chased by the CID. The CID are on their way to arrest Gulando, the leader, and several other people involved in the mission, but are mislead. Can the CID chase them down, and prevent the robbery?

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