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Banacek Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

9 Episodes 1973 - 1974

Episode 1

No Stone Unturned

Wed, Oct 3, 1973 90 mins

A 3-ton, 10-foot marble sculpture vanishes before its unveiling. Banacek: George Peppard. Collier: Scott Brady. Russell: Gary Lockwood. Carlie: Christine Belford.

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Episode 2

If Max Is So Smart, Why Doesn't He Tell Us Where He Is?

Wed, Nov 7, 1973 90 mins

A highly prized medical computer disappears from a lab with electric fences and alarms. Banacek: George Peppard. Leslie Lyle: Anne Baxter. Kenter: Paul Richards. Howard: Alan Fudge.

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Episode 3

The Three Million Dollar Piracy

Wed, Nov 21, 1973 90 mins

A precious jewel-encrusted coach is missing from the hold of the steamer that was taking it to an Eastern shah's wedding. Banacek: George Peppard. De Witt: Linden Chiles. Carlie: Christine Belford. Porter: Don Knight. Larkos: Titos Vandis.

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Episode 4

The Vanishing Chalice

Tue, Jan 15, 1974 90 mins

A one-of-a-kind Greek chalice worth 1.5 million dollars is stolen in front of many witnesses.

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Episode 5

Horse of a Slightly Different Color

Tue, Jan 22, 1974 90 mins

A $5,000,000 race horse starts out on his morning workout---and doesn't come back. Banacek: George Peppard. Katherine: Anne Francis. Sally: Lane Bradbury.

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Episode 6

Rocket to Oblivion

Tue, Feb 12, 1974 90 mins

Banacek looks for an experimental rocket engine sought by the Government and private aerospace interests alike. Banacek: George Peppard. Carlie: Christine Belford. Cherry: Linda Evans. Wardlow: Andrew Prine. Powell: Don Gordon.

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Episode 7

Fly Me---If You Can Find Me

Tue, Feb 19, 1974 90 mins

Banacek is on the trail of an airliner that vanishes from a tiny desert airfield where it makes an emergency landing. Banacek: George Peppard. Fowler: Sterling Hayden. Wayne: Jack Kelly. Brooke: Victoria Principal. Hall: Paul Cavonis. Jay: Ralph Manza. Tyson: Don Hanmer.

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Episode 8

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Tue, Mar 12, 1974 90 mins

A grand-larceny suspect disappears while performing an amateur magician act. Banacek: George Peppard. Vicki: Gretchen Corbett. Louise: Nancy Olson. Hal: Peter Marshall. Steiner: Jay Robinson. Barker: Bruce Gordon. Felix: Murray Matheson.

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Episode 10

Ten Thousand Dollars a Page

Sat, May 7, 2022 90 mins

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