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Arrow Season 3 Episodes

23 Episodes 2014 - 2015

The Season 3 adventures of Arrow (based on DC Comics hero Green Arrow) find Starling City embracing Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) as a hero in the wake of Slade's defeat. But, all is not well, as numerous adversaries quickly assault Queen and the city. Notably, he faces a cyber-terrorist and an obsessive stalker who dresses her victims in clothing to match the Arrow. Most seriously, though, a friend is murdered, and when the League of Assassins threaten to kill citizens of Starling City if the murderer isn't found, Queen finds himself in a life-or-death battle. Elsewhere, he and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) acknowledge their feelings for each other, but Queen is hesitant to make a commitment. Also, Arrow teams up with his friend the Flash (Grant Gustin) to stop a boomerang-wielding killer.

Episode 1

The Calm

Wed, Oct 8, 2014 60 mins

Season 3 begins with a new villain, Vertigo, emerging, just as Oliver tries to balance his life and ask out Felicity. Meanwhile, Diggle becomes a father; Lance is promoted to captain; Laurel joins Arrow's inner circle; and Felicity gets a part-time job at a tech store to make ends meet.

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Episode 2


Wed, Oct 15, 2014 60 mins

A mysterious archer known as Komodo appears in town and begins skewering businessmen. Meanwhile, Oliver worries about Thea, which forces Roy to tell him the truth about why she left town; and Ray Palmer pursues Felicity. In a flashback, Oliver is assigned his first kill and the target is his best friend, Tommy.

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Episode 3

Corto Maltese

Wed, Oct 22, 2014 60 mins

Oliver tries to track down Thea in Corto Maltese as Diggle searches for a missing field operative. Meanwhile, Felicity adapts to her new job.

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Episode 4

The Magician

Wed, Oct 29, 2014 60 mins

Oliver and Nyssa join forces and go after the Dark Archer in order to bring Sara's killer to justice. Meanwhile, Laurel keeps her distance from Nyssa because she blames her sister's death on the League of Assassins; and Oliver and Roy work on repairing their respective relationships with Thea.

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Episode 5

The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak

Wed, Nov 5, 2014 60 mins

Oliver and Felicity try to contain the destruction caused by a cyber attack that rocks Starling City. Meanwhile, Felicity's mother makes a surprise visit; Ted questions Laurel's motives; and Thea buys an apartment with Malcolm's so-called estate money.

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Episode 6


Wed, Nov 12, 2014 60 mins

Ted Grant is accused of murder when a body is found strung up in the Wildcat gym. In flashbacks, Maseo asks Tatsu to help jog Oliver's memory so he can remember where an informant for China White stashed key information; and Roy shares a secret with Felicity.

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Episode 7

Draw Back Your Bow

Wed, Nov 19, 2014 60 mins

Oliver tries to stop Arrow-obsessed serial killer Carrie Cutter, who is convinced Arrow is her one true love and will stop at nothing to get his attention. Unfortunately, her way of getting noticed is to kill people. Meanwhile, Ray asks Felicity to be his date for a work dinner with some important clients; and Thea auditions new DJs for Verdant and meets a brash DJ with whom she immediately clashes.

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Episode 8

The Brave and the Bold

Wed, Dec 3, 2014 60 mins

A crossover event that began on "The Flash" concludes with Oliver teaming with the Flash to stop a boomerang-wielding killer who plants five bombs in the city that are set to explode at the same time.

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Episode 9

The Climb

Wed, Dec 10, 2014 60 mins

Nyssa returns and tells Oliver that her father, Ra's al Ghul, has given him 48 hours to find Sara's killer or the League of Assassins will start killing the citizens of Starling City. Meanwhile, Laurel is stunned when her mother visits at Christmas; and Ray tries to make amends with Felicity.

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Episode 10

Left Behind

Wed, Jan 21, 2015 60 mins

The team try to protect the city in the Arrow's absence and fear the worst may have befallen their friend. But Felicity refuses to believe Oliver could be dead, until Merlyn pays the team a surprise visit. Meanwhile, Ray tests a part of his new suit; and Laurel takes up the mantel of the Black Canary.

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Episode 11

Midnight City

Wed, Jan 28, 2015 60 mins

Arsenal and Diggle confront Laurel about trying to step into her sister's shoes and warn her to stop before she gets herself killed. Meanwhile, Brick kidnaps the city's aldermen and threatens to kill them unless the police evacuate the Glades; and Malcom tells Thea that Ra's al Ghul is after him and his family, and that they must leave town immediately.

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Episode 12


Wed, Feb 4, 2015 60 mins

Team Arrow considers Malcolm's offer to help shut Brick down, but Felicity is against the idea, even though the team could use help to save the innocents of the Glades. Meanwhile, flashbacks chronicle Malcolm's descent from kind-hearted father and husband to cold-blooded killer after the murder of his wife.

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Episode 13


Wed, Feb 11, 2015 60 mins

Vertigo causes Laurel to hallucinate an epic fight that pits her Black Canary against her sister Sara. Meanwhile, Chase surprises Thea; and Roy warns Thea to stay away from Malcolm.

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Episode 14

The Return

Wed, Feb 18, 2015 60 mins

Malcolm puts Oliver and Thea in a dangerous situation that lands them on Lian Yu with Oliver's former enemy Deathstroke. In a flashback, Oliver and Maseo return to Starling City to retrieve the Omega bio weapon.

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Episode 15

Nanda Parbat

Wed, Feb 25, 2015 60 mins

Merlyn is captured by Ra's al Ghul and taken to Nanda Parbat. Meanwhile, Ray becomes obsessed with finishing his Atom suit so he can save the city, but Felicity fears he is heading down the same path as Oliver and tries to pull him out of the lab.

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Episode 16

The Offer

Wed, Mar 18, 2015 60 mins

A new villain known as Murmur, whose mouth has been sewn shut, begins to terrorize Starling City. Meanwhile, Laurel and Nyssa bond over their issues with their fathers; and Thea is forced to come to terms with her father after Oliver brings Malcolm to the loft to recover.

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Episode 17

Suicidal Tendencies

Wed, Mar 25, 2015 60 mins

Diggle and Lyla get married, but Deadshot interrupts their honeymoon and tells them the Suicide Squad has been given a new mission. They are to rescue a U.S. senator from a hostage situation in the Republic of Kasnia. Meanwhile, Oliver learns about Ray's new Atom costume and the two have a heated exchange; and Felicity and Ray hit a rough patch.

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Episode 18

Public Enemy

Wed, Apr 1, 2015 60 mins

Ray is critically injured during an attack on the mayor's office. Felicity is pleasantly surprised when her mother shows up at the hospital to offer her support. Meanwhile, Oliver and his team search for the culprit, but things turn even darker when Ra's al Ghul kidnaps Capt. Lance.

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Episode 19

Broken Arrow

Wed, Apr 15, 2015 60 mins

Deathbolt, a meta-human who kills people with blasts of energy and plasma, terrorizes Starling City, which forces Oliver to form an unlikely partnership with Ray to save the town.

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Episode 20

The Fallen

Wed, Apr 22, 2015 60 mins

Ra's al Ghul makes Oliver an offer he can't refuse. The team join Oliver on his journey to Nanda Parbat where a heartbroken Felicity decides to take matters into her own hands.

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Episode 21

Ah Sah-Him

Wed, Apr 29, 2015 60 mins

Oliver goes through a rigorous transformation. Meanwhile, the League of Assassins come after Nyssa and she arms herself to face them alone, but Laurel asks Felicity and Diggle to help protect her.

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Episode 22

This Is Your Sword

Wed, May 6, 2015 60 mins

Al Sah-him completes his training and takes the final steps to become the next Ra's al Ghul. Meanwhile, Ra's threatens Nyssa and delivers some shocking news; Malcolm makes a surprising offer to Team Arrow; and Thea and Roy reunite.

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Episode 23

My Name Is Oliver Queen

Wed, May 13, 2015 60 mins

Season 3 ends with everyone in danger when Ra's al Ghul implements his final plan. Meanwhile, Oliver/Al Sah-him must decide if he is strong enough to take on his new role, and what it will mean for everyone on Team Arrow and on his own soul.

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