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Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 4 Episodes

Season 4 Episode Guide

20 Episodes 1988 - 1989

Episode 1


Sat, Oct 8, 1988 30 mins

Isolated in her home during a foggy night, a nervous woman (Kathleen Quinlan) turns away a needy stranger, who vows that she will pay the price for refusing to help him. Manuel: Ric Sarabia. Simon: Stephen Mendel. Ricky: Jonathan Crombie. Tom: Jeremy Ratchford. Sheriff Geary: Michael Donaghue.

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Episode 2

Pen Pal

Sat, Oct 15, 1988 30 mins

A woman's long-time pen pal escapes from prison.

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Episode 3

Ancient Voices

Sat, Nov 12, 1988 30 mins

A suave Hollywood lawyer (Richard Anderson) is bedeviled by spirits from beyond the grave after he strangles his wife for trying to communicate with her dead lover. Cheryl: Claire Cellucci. Lt. Hayden: John C. MacKenzie. Ouspensky: Myron Natwick.

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Episode 4

Survival of the Fittest

Sat, Nov 19, 1988 30 mins

Mystery scribe Thaddeus J. Russell (Patrick Macnee) becomes the target of a group of gunmen led by a vengeful survivalist who accuses the writer of stealing his wife. Griffin: Nigel Bennett.

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Episode 5

The Big Spin

Fri, Jan 6, 1989 30 mins

A cab-driving reprobate (Erik Estrada) is in a quandary: a fare's lost lottery ticket turns out to be a $1 million winner, but if he turns it in the ticket will link him to the murder of a model. Tanya: Guylaine St. Onge. Sandy: Kathy Laskey. Mrs. Rodriguez: Ida Carnevali. Det. Bryant: David Stein. Det. Murphy: Robert Bidaman.

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Episode 6

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Sat, Jan 14, 1989 30 mins

A shrewd businessman plays a deadly game with intentions of making a killing in the stock market.

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Episode 7

For Art's Sake

Sat, Jan 21, 1989 30 mins

A philandering artist (Simon Williams) who has been taking credit for his wife's paintings plots murder when his mistress threatens to expose his duplicity. Debra: Sheila McCarthy. Erica: Michele Scarabelli. Bryan: Bruce Gray. Mr. Collier: Allen Stewart Coates. Mrs. Collier: Joan Heney.

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Episode 8

Murder in Mind

Sat, Jan 28, 1989 30 mins

A mystery writer suspects that her new neighbors are up to something devious.

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Episode 9

Mirror, Mirror

Fri, Feb 3, 1989 30 mins

An emotionally unstable woman is drawn into a vortex of murder and seduction when police investigate the death of a vagrant in her twin sister's apartment building. Karen/Kate: Elizabeth Ashley. Jimmy: Robert Collins. Sgt. Sweeny: Brent Stait. Lt. Reed: Graham McPherson.

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Episode 10

Skeleton in the Closet

Sat, Feb 11, 1989 30 mins

A high-society woman's past comes back to haunt her.

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Episode 11

In the Driver's Seat

Fri, Feb 17, 1989 30 mins

A man becomes abusive after a racing accident that causes him to have to use a wheelchair.

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Episode 12

Driving Under the Influence

Sat, Feb 25, 1989 30 mins

A drunken driver flees the scene of an accident, believing the woman that he hit is dead.

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Episode 13

In the Name of Science

Fri, Mar 10, 1989 30 mins

A scientist (Dirk Benedict) working inside a maximum-security laboratory in Germany tries to smuggle his life-altering work outside the country. Cindy Bertozzi: Catherine Disher. Dr. Bingham: James B. Douglas. Dr. Hendricks: Joseph Ziegler.

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Episode 14

Romance Machine

Sat, Mar 25, 1989 30 mins

A bashful scientist (Rich Hall) builds a bold robot replica of himself to win the affection of a beautiful secretary (Diane Franklins). Mr. Gold: Art Hindle. Harvey: Barclay Hope.

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Episode 15

Diamonds Aren't Forever

Fri, Apr 14, 1989 30 mins

A super spy must retrieve a golden statue and save a country from the Soviets.

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Episode 16

My Dear Watson

Sat, Apr 22, 1989 30 mins

Sherlock Holmes (Brian Bedford) hunts for the missing Dr. Watson (Patrick Monckton), unaware that Moriarty is among the search party. John Colicos, Bunty Webb, Lori Lansens, Robert Nicholson, Graeme Campbell.

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Episode 17

Night Creatures

Fri, Apr 28, 1989 30 mins

A Satanic rock group called "Adam Lust and the Vampyres" are more than they seem.

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Episode 18

The Man Who Knew Too Little

Sat, Jul 8, 1989 30 mins

A man in a hotel room has no memory of who he is or where he belongs.

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Episode 19


Sat, Jul 15, 1989 30 mins

Vietnam veterans gather each year to rehash a tragic last battle.

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Episode 20

South by Southeast

Sat, Jul 22, 1989 30 mins

Light-hearted spoof of the Hitchcock classic 'North by Northwest.'

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