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Who Will Win The Bachelorette Based Solely on Job Title?

Rachel's guys are here, and we're ranking their chances

Liam Mathews

On Wednesday Chris Harrison revealed the 31 guys who'll be competing for Rachel Lindsay's love on The Bachelorette this season in a Facebook Live video that kinda stole everyone's thunder who's about to make fun of these dudes. We met four of them a few months ago during The Bachelor's season finale, and today we got the rest.

We got names, photos and jobs, but not hometowns, which are usually included but were not this season. More info on the guys can be found in their full bios on ABC's website, but for my prognostication purposes I'll be focusing on job titles.

There are some very typical Bachelorette jobs (doctors, lawyers, personal trainers) and some hilariously weird ones, as always (somebody is a "tickle monster"). Fun fact: this is the first season without a contestant who works in finance or a contestant who sells medical supplies. In fact, this round is heavier on doctors (and lawyers) than usual. That must be Rachel's type.

Whose chances do we like? Who's not marriage material? Who is a "whaboom?" Click through the gallery to find out.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 22 at 9/8c.