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Jane The Virgin: Who Is Going to Marry Jane?

Michael, Rafael or someone new?

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday's episode of Jane The Virgin. Read at your own risk!]

Jane the Virginis keeping their fans guessing about who Jane (Gina Rodriguez) will end up marrying at the end of Season 2.

From the very beginning of the telenovela, Jane's heart has been pulled in two directions between Michael (Brett Dier) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) - both with compelling reasons for why they should be her soulmate, but also with a lot of baggage about why they aren't ready to be everything Jane needs.

At the end of the day, Jane needs someone that's going to let her be the star that she is while also providing a stable life for her and baby Mateo. Who is it going to be though? TVGuide.com weighs the pros and cons of both of TV's favorite virgin's paramours.

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Pros: Michael knows Jane better than anyone. He's almost psychic when it comes to telling that something is wrong or when she isn't being true to herself. Whenever she wanders off course, he's always there to bring her back - reminding her how badly she wants to be a writer, showing her she's a naturally good mom and of the values she wants to instill in her son.

He's also kind of a savior. He saved her grandmother from being deported after she was pushed down the stairs. He's the one that compromised his badge and career to save Mateo from Sin Rostro in the Season 2 premiere. When it comes to being able to protect Jane, Michael is the guy you want waiting at the end of the aisle.

Cons: Michael has some deep anger and jealousy issues that cause him to be irrational. His hatred of Rafael has set him up for failure more than once, and if Jane can't trust him to keep his cool, then she can't trust him to be a good role model around Mateo. Jane's first priority is her son, and Michael is going to have to learn some meditation tricks if he wants to win Jane's heart back.

However, right now it seems that Michael is so focused on getting his job back that he's not looking to win over Jane or anyone else. Jane may not have just lost him as a boyfriend, but he doesn't seem that interested in being in her life at all right now. Ouch.

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Pros: Being Mateo's biological father is a huge win factor for Rafael, even if it happened by accident. He is a natural choice for Jane because the two of them together would mean the family stays intact - and family is something that is very important to both Jane and Rafael. Even though Rafael doesn't know Jane as well as Michael does, they have a natural chemistry that is inexplicable. They connect in a way that she doesn't with anyone else, almost as if the universe is pointing them towards each other.

Rafael is also the romantic one of the two. Remember the night they spent together just talking to each other? Remember kissing in a flood of flower petals? It's not that Rafael is rich necessarily, but he brings a passion to their relationship that isn't as apparent with Michael. Rafael brings the fire, and no one would mind reading Jane's romance novels if they were based off long nights with him.

Cons: Rafael can be self-centered. That was apparent when Jane was pregnant and he prioritized the hotel over her. He seems to have gotten better with that (just rewind that clip of him singing to Mateo in the mommy classes) and putting his family first.

He likes to keep secrets too. Sure, it's a telenovela, and intrigue is expected, but he is breaking hearts when Jane realizes he's gone behind her back with something shady. Michael got dumped because he accused Rafael of ratting him out to the police - and then it turns out Rafael paid the informant? That's a tough one to swallow. If he wants Jane in his happily ever after, he's going to have to start being completely honest with her.

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Pros: It's a soap opera! New faces show up all the time, and Jane could use some fresh blood to sweep her off her feet. He could have the qualities of Michael and Rafael or be a writer just like Jane. Love triangles have been done before, but turning this into a square would be a real twist on the genre and could make things even more interesting.

Cons: It's halfway through Season 2 and it's hard to imagine a new person that could come in and stir up the emotional loyalty that Rafael and Michael have already created. And would Jane really marry someone after knowing them only a few months? It's hard to imagine she'd let someone take that large of a role in Mateo's life without knowing them inside and out. Still, stranger things have happened, especially on this show.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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