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What's on Netflix This Week: Melissa McCarthy's Thunder Force, The Circle Season 2

Plus: Jamie Foxx has a new family comedy

Tim Surette

Looking at Netflix's new releases this week, you might want to ignore the obvious big releases and instead turn over some rocks to find the good stuff. From Two Distant Strangers, an Oscar-nominated short film that blends sci-fi elements with social issues, to Why Did You Kill Me?, a documentary about a mom who won't quit looking for the murderers of her daughter, the best things to watch on Netflix this week may be the most unexpected ones.

Or maybe you like things less nuanced and just need a quick fix of good old Hollywood entertainment, in which case Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer's silly superhero comedy Thunder Force and Jamie Foxx's Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! will not-so-subtly bludgeon you with their brand of humor. Below are all the new releases on Netflix for the week of April 9-15, 2021.

All titles debut on Friday, April 9 unless otherwise noted. Here's what came out on Netflix last week.

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The Biggest Releases

Thunder Force
Someone pitched "Melissa McCarthy is a superhero" and Netflix bought it, naturally. The film features the Mike & Molly star and Octavia Spencer as a pair of cape-wearing super-powered crime stoppers, and all the predictable antics they get up to. This is exactly the movie that you think it is.

The Circle, Season 2
Now, THIS is reality: Netflix's competition series follows contestants who are confined to their own rooms in an apartment complex and can only communicate with each other over social media. Beyond that all-too-familiar premise that we've lived for ourselves over the last year, each contestant has the decision to groom their profiles and online personalities how they see fit to be favored by others, who vote on who stays and who goes until there's one winner. That means some will intentionally catfish others, which is where the real fun and experimentation come into play. Season 1 ended up being surprisingly good-hearted as real friendships developed. [Trailer / Wednesday, April 14]

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Everything Else

My Love: Six Stories of True Love, Season 1
Kids use their smart telephones to hook up? What a world. In my day, we had a crush on someone when we were in junior high school, then we married them the next year, and we died of a plague 60 years later, hand in hand. This understated Netflix docuseries is about that, mostly, following older couples from around the world who have been together for decades and are still madly in love with each other as they talk about how they met, how they've stayed together, and how they're surviving today. It's positively adorable, deeply emotional, somewhat depressing, and is about more than just love; it's a real perspective on life. [Tuesday, April 13]

Two Distant Strangers
Fill out your Oscar Nominated Short Films bingo card with this time loop film about a Black man who relives the same day over and over in which he's harassed and chased by the same white police officer, no matter what choices he makes. [Trailer]

Have You Ever Seen Fireflies?
An older woman recounts her youth as a real outspoken sh--kicker in this Turkish film about kicking the sh-- out of life. [Trailer]

Night in Paradise
A Korean mobster retreats to an island while the heat from a gang dies down, where he connects with a lonely woman. It's got an unusual mix of extreme violence and Korean drama sentimentality, but maybe it works? [Trailer]

New Gods: Nezha Reborn
In this animated Chinese film, the Chinese folk god Nezha returns to Earth as a normal young man 3,000 years after disappearing following a battle with the Dragon King. And guess what? He probably has to fight the Dragon King again. [Trailer / Monday, April 12] 

Mighty Express, Season 3
"Train patrol, train patrol, they'll be there on the double!" It's Paw Patrol, but with trains. And there's no evidence that it will ever slow down. [Trailer / Tuesday, April 13] 

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, Season 1
Jamie Foxx stars in this multi-camera comedy about a single father raising his teen daughter in Atlanta. I know what you're thinking: Why is Jamie Foxx, huge Hollywood star, doing a multi-camera show like this? I don't have the answer. [Trailer / Wednesday, April 14]

The Soul
The trailer literally says this has a "brain-burning plot, full of twists," so there's no way this Korean movie about a detective investigating a murder that might involve weird cult stuff can be bad. When has a trailer ever lied to you? [Trailer / Wednesday, April 14]

Why Did You Kill Me?
This true-crime documentary film is part Don't F*** with Cats and part don't f*** with a vigilante mom as a mother uses MySpace to track down the gang members who she believes accidentally killed her daughter. [Trailer / Wednesday, April 14]

The Best TV Shows to Watch Right Now

Ride or Die
The Japanese film explores the emotional highs and lows of murdering a friend's abusive husband in order to become a runaway lesbian couple. It ain't easy! [Trailer / Thursday, April 15]

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