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Wednesday's Emma Myers Ranks Her Favorite Going Seventeen Episodes

They range from fan-favorites to episodes that newer Carats may not have heard of

Kat Moon

When Emma Myers stumbled upon a Vine in 2017, it wasn't the video — featuring a man whose pot erupts in flames after he drops in french fries — that caught her attention. "I couldn't even focus on the meme," Myers told TV Guide. All she could think about was the electrifying song in the Vine, which turned out to be K-pop powerhouse Seventeen's "Aju Nice." 

"I went on YouTube and found it and then from there was just a wormhole of my life now," Myers said. The breakout star who played Enid Sinclair in Netflix's Wednesday — which was just renewed for Season 2 — is a proud Carat, the name for Seventeen's fans. The boy band was her top artist on Spotify in 2022, and after weeks of interacting with group members' posts on Instagram Myers most recently shared about her *diamond life* on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Like most Carats, a key part of Myers' journey as a fan has been watching Going Seventeen. It's the variety web series, released weekly on YouTube while in season, that features S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino in a wide range of activities from playing mafia to bungee jumping. Myers has watched the show diligently. "I have been pretty consistent with it every week," she said. There have been times when she missed a few weeks' worth because of her filming schedule, but she catches up afterward. "I've seen every episode," Myers said.

Of course, we had to ask Myers for her favorite ones among the nearly 200 that have been released to date. The actor was more than prepared when joining our Zoom call. "I have some honorable mentions," she said. "'Human Chess,' 'Boo's Past Life Destiny' and 'Don't Lie #1.' While Myers adored these episodes, they didn't quite make her top spots. In reverse order, here are Myers' five favorite Going Seventeen episodes of all time.


Released: May 28, 2018

Why Myers loves it: "I was watching Going Seventeen before it was the Going Seventeen that it is today," Myers said of this episode of the idols drawing portraits of each other. "I was watching it when it was still Vlogs and they didn't have English subtitles." Myers recalled waiting a week for a separate YouTube account to add English translations to the videos. Of the episodes released during this period, Ep. 09 featuring Seventeen taking an art class has remained a favorite. "It's hilarious and that's my number five," Myers said. When asked about the member who was the most impressive artist, she quickly replied, "Oh of course Minghao [The8] was the best. He did all this abstract art for it as well." 


Released: Sep 7, 2020

Why Myers loves it: "Mousebusters" is hide-and-seek meets cops-and-robbers meets complete chaos meets Seventeen members dressed up as mice. And this is Myers' fourth-favorite episode. "I love the ones that they do where they hide and try to find each other," she said. And while the actor's bias is Jeonghan — "he's just so entertaining," Myers smiled — it was Jun who stood out in this particular challenge. "Jun is obviously the best one at that game," she said. "He out-thinks everybody else." But Myers' favorite part appears in the third section of "Mousebusters" when the losing members face their punishment. One by one, they must pretend to pass around a rapidly growing orange (and later a grape) — you must watch it to understand it.


Released: Aug 10, 2020

Why Myers Loves It: "My third favorite is 'The Tag,' the one where they go into the escape room and have to find the keys in pairs," Myers shared. The members have to search in groups across a dark floor and are periodically chased by a clown. "Hoshi thinks he sees a ghost lady in the room and Wonwoo thinks he sees her too," Myers explained. "I love those episodes so much because I love escape rooms and it's all of them being too scared to actually go in and find the key." The duo she found the most hilarious? "Mingyu and Seungkwan," Myers said of the group's resident scaredy cats.


Released: Dec 9, 2019  

Why Myers loves it: This episode is exactly what it sounds like: Seventeen playing in a literal playground. "One person closes their eyes and has to try to tag people," Myers said. The members use different tactics to escape from the tagger and avoid touching the ground. "That one's my second favorite," Myers shared. "I always show that to people if they want to get into Seventeen." Though dozens of Going Seventeen episodes have dropped since "SVT playground," it has stayed comfortably in the actor's top five. "It really showcases a lot of their personalities," she said.


Released: Jun 29, 2020

Why Myers loves it: "My number one is 'Four Wheeled Rider," that has been my favorite episode since it came out," Myers announced. Across multiple rounds, the teams race each other on mini four-wheeled bikes. And just like Mario Kart, different items they pick up along the way make them go faster or slower. "Hoshi really is funny," Myers said. He picked up the item that was a member-powered boost but complained when he got none. "He kept yelling, 'I have a boost, I have a boost,' and nobody gave it to him," Myers laughed. And that wasn't the only part she enjoyed. "There's something so funny about the balloons that keep flying away, and Jeonghan just cheating," Myers said. Her bias embraces it: "Can I cheat?" Jeonghan asked before a challenge. "Why do you cheat so much?" The8 famously responded.