Kasey Kahl, Vienna Girardi Kasey Kahl, Vienna Girardi

Seriously, ABC, whatever we did, we're sorry!

When it was announced that Bachelor Pad would return this summer, there were those of us who were so excited. With almost a year passed since its slapdash first season, there surely had to be time for the producers to work out the kinks, line up a juicy cast of hotties, and pump this edition with some serious guilty pleasures.

Instead we got "The Kasey and Vienna Show." Ugh.

From day one, these two have spent way too much time on our TVs, whether it was his blathering about being "the best strategizer" (not a word, bud) or her bitching about Jake Pavelka being in the house. And somehow, despite being total boneheads when it came to the compatibility competition, not to mention gross enough to have a screaming match about their sex life in earshot of the other players, the couple most in need of sterilization has managed to remain in the game. Last night, they even weaseled their way into the finale by convincing Blake and Erica to save them with the empty promise of returning the favor!

It's almost like the makers of the show are forcing this two-headed, two-faced mess on us as some sort of punishment. Is it because we tired so quickly of Ashley Hebert's run on The Bachelorette? Or that it's no big thrill that her cast-off, Ben F., is gonna be the next Bachelor? Because we will totally give him a chance if it means never having to see Vienna and Kasey clog up our screens again.

What about you? Feeling the love for Kasey and Vienna? Or are they the couple you love to hate?

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