Mark-Paul Gosselaar Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Yes, Mark-Paul Gosselaar's shaggy 'do drew a lot of attention during Raising the Bar's first season. But that was entirely by design.

"It defined a characteristic of [public defender] Jerry," the actor explains in this video Q&A, "that he's not going to conform to a system."

Now that Jerry has that introductory season behind him, the locks got lopped off in the TNT drama's Season 2 opener.

"We had to evolve Jerry," Gosselaar explains. He then admits, "It was a distraction [during Season 1]. The hair was walking in before Jerry was."

Also in this on-camera sit-down: 

• Gosselaar previews other changes ahead for Raising the Bar (Mondays at 10 pm/ET) — including a new — yet familiar — judge.

• Gosselaar surveys the simmering something between Jerry and Bobbi (played by Natalia Cigliuti), saying it's reached "a nice boil." But have these two missed their chance at romance?

• If Jerry doesn't get to woo Bobbi, might he reconnect with Melissa Sagemiller's Michelle? Gosselaar shares his take on that possible encore.

MORE VIDEO: Gosselaar details the "making of" Zack Morris' visit with Jimmy Fallon.

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