"Zack Morris" befuddles Jimmy Fallon. "Zack Morris" befuddles Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon has yet to pull off his full reunion of the Saved By the Bell cast, but on Monday night's show he offered a treat to the show's fans.

That is, Zack Morris offered the treat, dropping by the late-night talker to claim that he is in fact a real dude, and that "Mark-Paul Gosselaar" is simply the stage name he adopted upon graduating from Bayside High and eventually becoming an actor. Watch the clip here:

In reality, of course, the "Zack attack" was an elaborate scripted bit cooked up by Gosselaar (now the star of TNT's Raising the Bar) and Fallon. In the TVGuide.com video below, Gosselaar spoke out on the Late Night host's fixation with the Bell ("What a bastard, that Fallon guy!") and then shared exactly how he went about slipping back into Zack's Reeboks, pegged jeans and frosted 'do.

"Putting on the clothes and the hair gets you halfway there," he says, "but it's a style of acting I had to find again." Luckily, Gosselaar had his wife to help him with pointers! Get the full story here: