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Gillian Anderson Blasts The X-Files Over Lack of Female Writers and Directors

Will they listen?

Sadie Gennis

Gillian Anderson has added her voice the growing dissent over The X-Files' lack of female representation behind the camera.

On Monday, The X-Files announced its slate of writers for the upcoming eleventh season, all of which are men. This isn't too surprising given The X-Files' track record (only six women have ever gotten a writing credit on the show in 208 episodes, including Anderson), but it is incredibly disheartening.

Fans immediately took to Twitter to share their disappointment and anger over the all-male writing staff. And on Thursday, Anderson weighed in on the discussion, pointing out that the X-Files' boy club extends far beyond just the writers room.

The two directors Anderson is referencing are herself and Michelle MacLaren, who is best known for her work on Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. That means Fox and creator Chris Carter made only a single outside hire of a female director over the span of ten seasons, not to mention the two X-Files feature films, which were also directed (and written by) by men.

The X-Files announces Season 11 writers

Many fans were already dubious about Fox bringing back The X-Files for Season 11 and the lack of female writers has only cast more doubt on the decision. But hopefully some good will come out of this discussion and there will be a reevaluation over how writers and directors are hired going forward.

Scully (and the fans) deserve better than this.

Ed Araquel/FOX