With its track record of mixing mythology and standalone episodes, The X-Files has relied heavily on its stable of writers to tell the creepiest, strangest and funniest stories. And with 10 seasons under its belt, certain writers have become fan favorites over others.

The truth about the roster of writers for the series' eleventh season — second of Fox's reboot — has been dug up by TV Line, and there's a bit of a mixed bag of old favorites and newbies. But most importantly, Darin Morgan is back, thankfully!

Morgan — who wrote Season 10's excellent "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster" — headlines the list of seven writers booked to pen Season 11's 10 episodes. Creator Chris Carter will obviously return as well, likely handling the premiere and finale, as has been the case in the past.

Other returnees from Season 10 include Glen Morgan, who wrote "Home Again," and James Wong, who wrote "Founder's Mutation." Wong and Glen Morgan have written several other episodes of The X-Files during its initial run, including the nightmare-inducing "Home."

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Other names in the writers room this year include former Season 9 writer's assistant Gabe Rotter, Season 10 writers' assistant Benjamin Van Allen and Chris Carter's assistant Brad Follmer.

Fox hopes excitement over The X-Files reboot continues as Season 10 gave the network some of its best numbers last year, though that was in part due to curiosity after such a long absence and an NFL premiere push. Actual fan and critics' response to the return was mixed, with "Were-Monster" considered one of the series' finest moments, but the alien mythology episodes missing the mark.

The X-Files returns sometime during the 2017-2018 season.