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The Walking Dead's 5 Most Infamous Traitors

These people are the definition of bitchassness

Malcolm Venable

[Caution! Don't read if you're not caught on The Walking Dead!]

Divisions are brewing on The Walking Dead.

Jesus (Tom Payne) and Morgan (Lennie James) got so tangled into their respective peaceful and take-no-prisoners ideologies that they fought each other; Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) may be facing a philosophical fork in the road too. While it's hard to imagine a scenario in which those blood brothers would turn their weapons on one another, their possible rift on what to do with Negan's (Jeffrey Dead Morgan) stray Saviors highlights the ways this war will turn more allies into foes. Granted, The Walking Dead has seen people flip allegiances in the past, but the pressing danger of Season 8's war means everyone's running on survival instinct, and true natures will be laid bare. Who'll have his or her team's back, and who'll just do whatever to survive, by any means necessary? This list of The Walking Dead's biggest traitors provides some clues.

​Austin Amelio, The Walking Dead

Austin Amelio, The Walking Dead

Gene Page/AMC

#5 Dwight
Negan's pizza-faced pet Dwight (Austin Amelio) may be doing good in double-crossing his master by giving Daryl intel, but the character who is so untrustworthy that people have threatened to burn the actor's house down simply cannot be trusted. Inevitably, Dwight will be forced to choose sides in front of Negan (in the comics, he shoots Rick with a clean arrow instead of the walker guts-coated one Negan mandates) but the fact that nobody can be 100 percent certain what he'll do means he has to be minded very carefully, just as Daryl is doing.

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Alanna Masterson, The Walking Dead

Alanna Masterson, The Walking Dead

Gene Page/AMC

#4 Tara Chambler
I know, I know, Tara (Alanna Masterson) is putting her life on the line in the fight against Negan just as much as any other Alexandrian. But do remember that, for that period she was lost while scavenging with Heath (Corey Hawkins), she fell upon that charming tribe of women in Oceanside, who kindly took her in. Their only ask was that she not tell anybody about their commune and what'd she do? She told people about it, namely Rick and co., who promptly led an expedition back to these nice ladies' place and robbed them for their guns. Granted, Tara was trapped between two tough choices in ratting them out, and she surely believed that the end goal -- eradicating Negan -- would justify the means. Still, she turned on the people who saved her life which is not only not ok, but will likely to come back to haunt her at some point.

​Juan Pareja, The Walking Dead

Juan Pareja, The Walking Dead


#3 Morales
No, Morales (Juan Pareja) doesn't get slack for not being around for a long time or for not being that close to Rick in the first place. They had a bond. Rick knew, and cared about Morales' family situation. Rick gave Morales a gun, ammo and an offer of help if he needed it. And yet. In Episode 8, Morales is all too ready to cart Rick off to Negan, with zero loyalty to man who once saved him. Good riddance.


Josh McDermitt, The Walking Dead

Gene Page/AMC

#2 Eugene Porter
Poor Eugene (Josh McDermitt). A cowardly lion in human form, the mediocre chemist and fake doctor has so little of a backbone it's a wonder he can stand up straight. Of course, everybody is currently wondering if his allegiance to Negan is part of a long con to benefit his friends or if he's really gone to the other side. What we do know is that, on the show at least, Eugene consistently manipulates people to mask his insecurities and to stay safe. (In the comics, he remains loyal to Rick after being captured by Negan, escapes and returns to his friends.) But being a traitor is tricky in the same way being a "liar" or a "cheater" is a complex assessment; someone can lie or cheat in a situation and not necessarily be a liar fundamentally, just like someone can make a tough choice to shift loyalties and not necessarily be a traitor. But there is no such debate necessary with Eugene. He is a liar. His story has been so divergent from the comics that there's no telling where producers will go with his trajectory but, say he's rescued by Alexandrians. Could anyone really trust him after he straight-up professed his devotion to Negan? Eugene has repeatedly made it clear he'd rather live a cozy, pickle-filled life with Negan -- a sensible, albeit awful choice -- and there's no real reason to doubt him.

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Xander Berkeley, The Walking Dead

Xander Berkeley, The Walking Dead

Gene Page/AMC

#1 Gregory
While the jury's still out on what Eugene is actually up to, but there's no disputing that Gregory (Xander Berkeley) is The Walking Dead's archetypical lil bitch, groveling and sniveling to whomever is best suited to keep him alive and safe for the moment. As Maggie (Lauren Cohen) said to him during his weepy missive to be let back into Hilltop, he's completely out for himself. "I was wrong," he replies, whining that "I made a mistake. We're all humans with flaws and fears." It's exactly the kind of emotional, opportunist drivel a turncoat would utter, just to get another chance. He's not only a traitor, but a dangerous one who's a threat to the safe future Rick and his cohorts imagine. He's the worst kind of backbiter, but fortunately for the heroes, he's also his own worst enemy. It's only a matter of time before his sins catch up with him and he self-destructs or, better still, someone makes an example out of him.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.