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The Walking Dead Fans Threatened to Burn Austin Amelio's House Down When He Shot Daryl

Don't bully Austin! He's nice!

Liam Mathews

The Walking Dead cast members have had issues with overzealous fans cyberbullying them. It seems like some fans have trouble separating the character from the actor. The actors who play unheroic characters get it the worst. Seth Gilliam said that he's been threatened by "13-year-old boys in the basement of their Wisconsin home," and Josh McDermitt left social media altogether.

Austin Amelio, who plays the shady Savior double agent Dwight, has experienced his fair share of bullying from Walking Dead fans, both cyber and IRL. Back when Dwight started in Season 6, he kept popping out from behind trees and shooting people and being an ass----, by Amelio's own assessment. Then he shot fan-favorite Daryl (Norman Reedus) and sealed his fate as someone fans hate -- at least for a little while.

"When I shot Daryl, people were like 'I'm gonna burn your house down,'" Amelio reminisces to TV Guide. "So I've had that sort of stuff."

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He thinks that some people have trouble differentiating between him and Dwight, but they're very different. "I'm Austin, I'm nice; Dwight's a d---," he says.

In real life, nobody has wished death on him, but somebody did flip him off at a Walker Stalker convention.

But the vast majority of his fan interactions have been positive, and he loves being a part of something that people care so deeply about.

"The fans with the show are unbelievable," he says. "They're so cool and nice and if I do see people in the street, it's like 'hey, I love your work.'

"I like that they're passionate about it," he says. "It makes the show what it is."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.