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Who Will Die in The Walking Dead Season 8?

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Liam Mathews

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, Oct. 22 for its eighth season, which will track the "All Out War" between Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his allies and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. We could predict that major characters will die just based on the fact that major characters have died every season before this but showrunner Scott Gimple has gone on the record to say "there are some big deaths this season," and those deaths may even catch fans by surprise.

But if you're here, you probably don't want to be too surprised. So let's speculate on who will die in The Walking Dead Season 8.


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There are only three characters who I can confidently mark safe. Rick and Daryl (Norman Reedus) are perennially safe because Rick is the star and if Daryl dies, we riot. I'd also add Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to the list this season. Her pregnancy and ascent to leadership are giving her more character momentum than almost anyone else, and it's unlikely that her story would be stopped short with a death at this time.

Andrew Lincoln, Khary Payton and Lauren Cohan, The Walking Dead

Gene Page/AMC

Beyond that, though, it's really anyone's guess. Even Negan could get offed this season since Rick has vowed to kill him and we know the war storyline will be contained to Season 8. There will be casualties on both sides. Personally, I think that Morgan (Lennie James) is the most likely candidate for death on the Alexandrian side. He's one of the only original characters remaining and he's beloved by fans, so his death would be devastating. His belief that all life is precious sets him up for a self-sacrificial death that proves his point. He could die saving Carol (Melissa McBride), who's skeptical of his philosophy, or even die saving a Savior. He's also strayed from his belief and become a cold-blooded killer once again, which could also be setting him on a path to destruction. He's been acting kinda reckless.

I also think Shiva the tiger will die and it will be a turning point in the war because once you kill a tiger, it's quiet for you. You're a terrible person and you gotta go.

On the Savior side, probably pretty much everyone will die, starting with Gregory (Xander Berkeley) who will die a coward's death. I could see him getting executed by Negan for breaking some rule.

But I'm sure you have your own theories. Vote!

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres Sunday, Oct. 22 at 9/8c on AMC.