This week's episode of The Originals promises to reunite Klaus (Joseph Morgan) with his daughter, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), who he's been parted from for nearly a decade. If you're hoping for a joyous family reunion full of smiles and rainbows, however, prepare to be disappointed.

Hope and Klaus' relationship has been so damaged at this point that it's going to be hard for them to repair the rift caused when Klaus cut off all contact with his daughter. While we will get to see what motivated that decision, we'll also have to deal with the fallout.

"There's still some resentment there and a lot of sort of anger and upset there," Joseph Morgan tells TV Guide of Hope and Klaus' tense reunion. "She still feels certainly abandoned by her dad, and he feels this tremendous sense of guilt, and he sort of covers for that by telling himself the lie that, 'She's better off without me.' But it becomes quickly apparent that she is not, and she's going down a path where he needs to step in and help and be a parent... It's turbulent to say the least, their relationship."

The Originals: Joseph Morgan and Julie Plec Weigh in on "Klaroline"

Joseph Morgan, <em>The Originals</em>Joseph Morgan, The Originals

Turbulent teens are pretty much always a given, whether they have a supernatural lineage or not, but Hope Mikaelson takes it to the next level.

Her teenage rebellion happens to be aided by an insane amount of magical power, not to mention she's also part vampire and part werewolf. She's got so much magic coursing through her veins that she may even be a match for the all-powerful Klaus the Mad.

"You really see this power struggle between Klaus and Hope," Danielle Rose Russell says, "because Klaus is a very powerful and scary whatever he is, but Hope's also more powerful than he is, you know? [She] has more powers. You see this interesting power dynamic between them, figuring out the dynamic that's been lost over the past eight years. You see them kind of develop a whole new relationship this season."

Show of hands, who thinks Klaus is going to be less than thrilled when he realizes his baby girl could totally take him in a fight?

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