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The Masked Singer's Todrick Hall Reveals How He Did Those Flips in Full Costume

And the huge keepsake he's taking from set

Lauren Piester

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Season 6 finale of The Masked Singer. Read at your risk!]

For almost all of season six of The Masked Singer, I had one major question: How did the Bull do flips and splits with hooves and horns? Finally, I got the opportunity to ask him after he was named runner-up in the Season 6 finale, and it turns out the answer is simply that the Bull was determined to dance and he wasn't going to let the costume stop him, even at the expense of his vocals. If he had to tie his head on so tight that he was literally being choked while singing, so be it, because Bull is the ultimate performer. 

After performance after performance full of killer moves and a voice to match, Bull was revealed to be singer and choreographer Todrick Hall, known both for his choreography work on RuPaul's Drag Race and his own music. He even did a song with panelist Nicole Scherzinger, who caught onto his identity immediately but kept her first impression guess a secret all season long. She could have used that Take It Off buzzer, but she kindly kept her thoughts to herself, for which Todrick would like to say, "Thank you, Nicole." 

In a conversation with TV Guide, the singer formerly known as the Bull revealed what he hopes his new fans take away from his appearance on the show and teased the potential return of the character in the very near future. 

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So the first question I have for you is how on earth did you do all those dance moves in that costume? 
Todrick Hall: Well, here's the thing. I have always wanted to be a performer at Disney World. When I was growing up, I would watch the Disney Christmas parade, and I always learned the costume characters' choreography. And that was like one of my goals and dreams in life was to be a costume character. So I was very, very nervous to do this show, but the thing I was most excited about was the costume. And so I was able to just like embody a character when I got in there. I started rehearsing and rehearsing and pushing myself every single week to see, what else can I do? And I just really became one with the Bull. It was just so much fun to do and I just wanted to challenge myself and you know, seeing the show sometimes and — I'm not gonna name any names, but sometimes people look like they're struggling to move in their costume. And I was just like, I want the Bull, no matter what, to feel like he's alive, you know, to not look like I'm wearing this massive mask that's so heavy that I can't move. And I'm really proud that I felt like we accomplished that with the choreographers and everything. It felt easy to move in.

Did you work with the costume designers to make sure you could dance in the costume? 
Hall: No, I didn't. I think that they were hoping that I would dance when they cast me, so they put a lot of stretch in the fabric and stuff so I was able to move in it, and it was just really, really cool. 

Was there anything you found you couldn't do? That head looked really heavy. 
It's not actually a heavy head when you pick it up, but because the horns are so tall, it's top-heavy. So when I'm turning and stuff, I can feel the horns trying to make it through the wind. So I just tied it on really tight, which was difficult for me to sing because I was choking a little bit when I was opening my mouth, so I had to give up a [few] of my vocal abilities to be able to dance while the head was not able to wobble around too much on my head. 

How did you balance the singing and the dancing? It's a singing show, but you're obviously such an incredible dancer.  
Hall: You know, I consider myself to be more of a performer than just a vocalist. And I knew that there were going to be incredible vocalists on there. So I was like strategically, I think that in order for me to stand a chance in that competition and to get to keep doing it…my strategy should be to just be the best performer I can be to be the person that always got the audience up on their feet and made them want to dance and clap and sing nostalgic songs, and sing songs that as an artist I never would be able to sing. love the song "Drops of Jupiter," but it would never make sense for me to sing that in one of my shows. And The Masked Singer allowed me the opportunity to be able to sing songs I couldn't normally sing. So that was really really an awesome part of this entire series.

Nick Cannon and Todrick Hall, The Masked Singer

Nick Cannon and Todrick Hall, The Masked Singer


Were you wanting to be on the show, or did they pursue you? Was it an easy yes?  
Hall: Yeah, they reached out to me. And to be completely honest, before COVID, I would have probably been like no, not because of any other reason other than that I get so nervous to sing and to compete. I did American Idol and it was just a terrible experience for me, and so I just was like I was having a little PTSD from that experience. And I was just like, "I don't think I should do this." But because of COVID and because as a performer as a writer, you know, like to be able to be on stage and perform was taken away from us. It just felt like a breath of fresh air to be able to be in a world where I was going to be able to sing and dance again and do what I love. So I said yes, I'm so happy I did. I got so much confidence from doing it. And it's been so fun. I can't wait to be able to finally talk about it and post the videos on my social media and let everybody know so my fans can go back and watch all the performances.

Were you surprised when Nicole said she knew it was you all along? 
Hall: She said in the first episode that she thought she knew who I was, but I think she just wanted me to get the opportunity to perform the entire time. And from what I know, every time I've been guessed on the show [in previous seasons], it's been Nicole. I think [Jenny McCarthy] knows who I am, but I don't think [Ken Jeong] or [Robin Thicke] knew who I was before. So it's not surprising to me that Nicole would have guessed me on a previous season and not this season because she wanted me to last the entire time, and wanted to keep them guessing and wondering who I was. So I'm really glad she didn't say anything, and I'm definitely glad she didn't hit that Take It Off buzzer because I would have been very, very disappointed if I left the show early. So thank you, Nicole. 

So what's next for you, and what are you hoping people take away from seeing you on the show? 
Hall: I think my message of what the show kind of represents to me is that, you know we get so caught up on what someone's sexual orientation is and what their race is and our differences, and the beauty of The Masked Singer is that anybody can come on from any walk of life and you can fall in love with them because of their character, which is the way I think that the world should be. There are a lot of very conservative people that watch Fox, and would maybe not necessarily wander into the rainbows section of YouTube to see the things that I do, but if they fell in love with my character, then that means that there's a part of them that recognizes that we're a lot more similar than we are different. And so it was really cool for me to do that and I'm hoping that some of the people, if they liked what they saw, will come to my concert. I'm going on a world tour, March through May, all over the United States, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. And I have a new album coming out January 14. I have a brand new album out right now. I have tons of visual albums out, and I'm just hoping that some people from the Masked Singer audience will join the Toddy train and be excited to see the things that my team and I have in store for the next year because it's going to be a wild roller coaster ride.

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Do you think you'd ever put the Bull head back on during your tour? 
Hall: You know, they've never given the costumes to anyone, but I am a huge costume collector. During the pandemic, I collected the Wicked costumes from the original Broadway show. I have Kristen Chenoweth's original bubble dress, and Idina Menzel's first-ever Elphaba costume. I have my costumes from Kinky Boots, from Chicago. I collect these costumes and they're very important to me. And I found out a couple of weeks ago that for the first time ever, they're going to let me keep my costume. And I think I got it because the producer Craig Plestis is the sweetest guy ever. He gave me his number, which was a huge mistake, and I just blew him up every day explaining to him what a big deal it is for me, that I really wanted it and I'd take great care of it, and he could borrow it anytime you needed. So they let me keep the costume, and I hope I don't start this new revolution where everybody wants their costumes but I think it was an exception made for me because I'm just obsessed with keeping costumes. And yeah, so there's a very high likelihood if there's anybody who's going to put their costume on again from Masked Singer history, that'll probably be me.