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The Masked Singer Season 6: Winner, Clues, and Celebrity Identities

The final two have been unmasked

Lauren Piester

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 6. Read at your own risk!]

The Masked Singer has crowned a new winner! After a finale-worthy battle between Queen of Hearts and Bull, it was Queen of Hearts who got to take home the Golden Mask trophy, though truthfully, either one would have been an excellent winner. They each dominated their respective groups all season, and brought elements to their performances this show hasn't really seen before. Queen of Hearts sang in a language she doesn't speak, and Bull pulled off dance moves never before attempted on that stage, and both continually impressed with every performance. It would have been a disappointment to have seen either of them go home before the finale. So who were they? Turns out the internet had it right all along. 

First to take off his mask was Bull, who revealed himself to be singer, rapper, and choreographer Todrick Hall. The panelists never once said his name all season, but that's because Todrick's close friend Nicole Scherzinger was keeping his identity close to her chest. She knew who it was from day one but refused to ever share until her first impression guess was read out loud, which makes it even less shocking that it was Nicole who ended up with the most correct first impression guesses. 

Queen of Hearts then had to take off basically her entire costume to reveal herself to be none other than Jewel. If you've been on the internet at all throughout the season, neither of these identities were a surprise, but that didn't make it any less exciting to see them take off their heads, or to see Jewel return to the stage. Sometimes, this bonkers show results in some truly sweet moments and incredible performances, and this finale gave us both. 

Now, finally, scroll down to see all of the unmasked contestants from season six, and stay tuned for more from the final two. 

ELIMINATED Week 1: The Octopus 

Octopus, The Masked Singer

Octopus, The Masked Singer


The Clues: Octopus is a large man who has been famous for a long time, and reached success at a young age. He considers himself to be lucky, and eight is a lucky number. He felt like he had it all, but when he smiled, people thought he wasn't being serious, so people wanted him out, and he fell. 

A playing card says he's "all about self-love," and he says he had to learn to let go of his ego to get a fresh start. He said he was doing the show because The Masked Singer is his mom's favorite show, and she was waiting for him backstage. 

The Guesses: The panel went hard on NBA players, from Dennis Rodman to Dwight Howard to Shaquille O'Neal. They seemed to land on Shaq, which felt like the right answer due to A) Octopus' size and B) the fact that 8 was Kobe Bryant's jersey number.  

It Was: Dwight Howard!

ELIMINATED Week 1 Part 2: Mother Nature

Mother Nature, The Masked Singer

Mother Nature, The Masked Singer


The Clues: Mother Nature has done it all and changed with the seasons, but she's never gotten the chance to be an actual mother. It took her a while to come to terms with that, but then she embraced the family she already had...including former Masked Singer winner Wayne Brady? She's protective of the ones she loves, and life is good. 

She holds up a penny and a hummingbird and later holds a sparkler. She performed "I'm Coming Out," but the performance lost a bit of the spotlight to her playing Whack-a-mole on stage. 

The Guesses: The panel was really taken with Mother Nature's infectious energy, even if we couldn't focus on anything beyond her terrifying face and the Whack-a-mole game. They guessed that maybe it was Aisha Tyler, who hosts Whose Line Is It Anyway with Wayne, or Tracee Ellis Ross singing her own mother's song, or maybe Tiffany Haddish. Any one of them could fit with Mother Nature's energy, but she sort of feels like Tracee to us. Tracee also had a fashion line at JC Penney, which could explain the penny, even if the voice doesn't totally sound like Tracee. 

It Was: Vivica A. Fox! 

ELIMINATED Week 1 Part 2: Pufferfish

The Pufferfish, The Masked Singer

The Pufferfish, The Masked Singer


The Clues: Pufferfish knows a thing or two about defending herself. Her clues take place on a spaceship, and she talks about being the kid at school who could never blend in, and who "messed up all the experiments." She says her singing voice was always different and "not necessarily in a good way." She had to learn to stand up for herself, and it made her successful. 

Balanced scales might mean she's a libra or just really into the justice system, and there was also a disco ball, a boomerang, and a guitar that said "guitarra," which is Spanish for guitar. 

She performed Doja Cat's "Say So" and her "different" voice didn't really stand out to us, but Nick seemed to immediately know who she was. 

Premiere Part 2 Clues: Puffer Fish was very sheltered growing up because her family was so religious. Going to the movies and listening to music was off-limits to her. She had to keep her dreams to herself but turned heads when she first rose to fame. Her outfits made people talk at church, but she didn't care because she liked expressing herself. She's leaning into her sexy side and feeling like she's at the Met Gala. She's having fun throwing off the panel with her voice, though her costume's gown is so her. She's always loved getting people talking. 

She clutches a diary, and there's a cardinal on a bird feeder. She performed Dua Lipa's "Levitating," and even did the rap part. Nick knows exactly who she is and says she's doing a great job of turning the panel in a "different direction." The locker clues were: She was a spelling bee champion. "I have bars, moves, but also have letters," Puffer Fish says, with a butt wiggle.

The Guesses: In week two, the panel suggested M.I.A., Nelly Furtado, Vanessa Hudgens, Zoe Saldana. They're thrown by the disguised voice, and to be honest, I am too. Just when I think I recognize the singing voice, she starts rapping, and nothing makes sense.

It Was: Toni Braxton!

ELIMINATED WEEK 2: The Dalmation

Dalmation, The Masked Singer

Dalmation, The Masked Singer


The Clues: Dalmatian always visualized his success as a kid and had to make his own playbook. He saved up money when he was 12 years old to buy his own gear. He got obsessed with practicing every day. He wanted to play in the big leagues, and then he met one of the biggest players in the game "and the rest is history." He always felt like the underdog so he's here to prove that by doing something totally different and dressing as his favorite dog. 

He's lifting weights and boxing and looking at the Scream painting, and there's an angry toy cat. He keeps a "Top Dog" trophy in a locker, and catches his own frisbee. 

The Guesses: Robin went with Nelly, who is both an athlete and a rapper, and Jenny thought it might be Scary Movie star Katt Williams (because of the "Scream" painting). Ken went for an athlete and guessed Reggie Bush. Nobody thought of Ghostface Killah, who shares a name with the killer in the Scream movies and just announced that a new album is on its way. 

It Was: Rapper Tyga. He said he wanted to do it because he saw Wayne Brady do it, and was shocked that Robin didn't get it right. 


The Baby, The Masked Singer

The Baby, The Masked Singer


The Clues: Aside from being the worst thing I have ever seen, Baby is a "larger than life" star. He was part of a baby rat pack, and they were famous for throwing punches and getting their hands dirty in the action. He's got blockbuster hits, an award-winning album, radio play, and replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger in a film. 

He speaks with an accent that is either Australian or Cockney, and isn't a good version of either. The clues show him traipsing through a city like Godzilla, with a close-up of a police badge reading "Police Officer, Metropolitan Police, 54672." He passes by the White House, and a helicopter in front of an explosion. He wants to make the world into a giant playpen. 

His singing voice, meanwhile, is deep and raspy. The locker clues were: Baby's report card revealed that he failed his driver's test, which is good because he is a baby, though not good because he failed because of "too many high-speed chases." Baby said that when he doesn't get a nap, he has the "need to feed."

Week 3 Clues: Baby says the best house party he ever went to was a trip: a house party on eight wheels—a party bus. He took his whole family along for a ride and got pics of his kids taking a bath in the sink. His baby book has a tooth on it. His party favor was a grill and a cooler and he said he "may just be a baby, but I'm still the star of the tailgate, even if there is a little grease on the grill." He sang the Flinstones theme song and that's when I nearly turned the show off and gave up for good. 

The Guesses: The panel thinks it might be an action star, so guesses include Hugh Jackman, The Rock, Will Smith, Chuck Norris and Vin Diesel. John Travolta and Bruce Willis also both made their way in there. If that giant baby is Vin Diesel, I will literally drive my car into space. And if it's Chuck Norris, that might just be the first sign of the apocalypse. 

It Was: Larry the Cable Guy! 


The Cupcake, The Masked Singer

The Cupcake, The Masked Singer


The Clues: Cupcake is one of the most baffling contestants this show has had in a while. The face on the costume makes her seem short, but the knees under the costume make her seem super tall. The disguised speaking voice sounds feminine, but the singing voice is surprisingly deep, but then a waiter hands her a receipt that says, "Go get 'em, girl." 

The clues take place in a diner. Cupcake says she's used to sharing the spotlight, and there's a close-up of two cupcakes and a bottle of whiskey. She hasn't been solo in a long time, but she's here because someone she loves just got some news about their health. 

There's a "Caution - wet floor" sign and a table setting for two, and Cupcake orders a pile of heart pancakes. She says she was supposed to be here with some other "sweet things," but now she's all alone. 

The Guesses: The panel was all over the place, from Whoopi Goldberg to Tracy Chapman to Jennifer Holiday and Tina Turner. Nicole Scherzinger guessed both Roberta Flack and Leslie Jones, and both Jenny and Robin guessed RuPaul. I could hear some RuPaul in there, but I've never thought of Ru as anything other than a solo act. It feels like the big clue here is that it's someone missing their other half due to a health issue. 

It was: Ruth Pointer of The Pointer Sisters!


Hamster, The Masked Singer

Hamster, The Masked Singer


Week 1 Clues: Hamster says his body is shaped like a hamster, and he felt stuck in a bit of a wheel. He felt all cooped up this past year (wonder why?) because he's a guy who likes to jump from one project to the next with his famous friends. He's used to being in all kinds of arenas

He has a poster for Alcatraz Island, and he has a pet fish. He reads and does jumping jacks, and is hoping to be the teacher's pet. He performed "Pretty Woman" with an unexpected swagger. His locker clues were: A Baseball bat, a stuffed strawberry, a lot of moss. According to Hamster, "It's sunny, and I like to play baseball," and he's "way F--king taller" than Danny Devito. 

Week 3 Clues: He's a party animal who was living in a huge city in his twenties, working with his best pals. They had the most fun ever, and got famous overnight with all his friends. They're all still friends years later. Clues also include a Bassett hound, a scepter and a water bottle. His party favor was a beer hat because he likes to stay hydrated with his friends at the party. 

Week 5 Clues: He wants to go back to when he and his wife went to an afterparty for a Luis Miguel concert. His wife was most impressed by meeting Luis and not all the other celebrities, so Hamster performed a Luis Miguel song for her. 

The Guesses: The panelists went all-in on older comedians, like Bill Murray, Will Ferrell, Rob Schneider, Andy Richter, and Jack Black. They also guessed Martin Short 

Our Guess: Rob Schneider. His wife is from Mexico, he's from San Francisco, and he was on Saturday Night Live for several years. 

It was: Rob Schneider 

ELIMINATED Week 6: The Beach Ball 

Beach Ball, The Masked Singer

Beach Ball, The Masked Singer

Week 6 Clues: Beach Ball, we hardly knew ye. They were thrown into fame at a very young age and had a hit single they recorded in just one take. They always had someone by their side, but recently, both went their separate ways. Beach Ball would call out for their friend, and they just weren't there. They reconnected over The Masked Singer. There was a peach and a money symbol and I'm sorry to say it, but they cannot sing. 

The Guesses: Ready for some absolute insanity? The panel guessed Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Barb and Star, Dakota and Elle Fanning and the girls from 2 Broke Girls, as well as Tori Spelling, Tiffany Pollard, Snooki, and JWoww. Not a single one of those guesses made a single lick of sense, and it's a real good thing Beach Ball was immediately sent home. 

It was: Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo) and June Shannon (Mama June)

ELIMINATED Week 7: The Jester

The Jester, The Masked Singer

The Jester, The Masked Singer

Week 5 Clues: The Jester says he's been called an icon and you could say he's changed the course of history. He's been voted one of the 100 most influential people of all time, but he's also been called a scoundrel, offended heads of state, and been banned from famous venues. He's here to show the world he's not a bad guy and he's actually a lovable, sensitive, multi-faceted clown who just wants to make people laugh. There are chickens, handcuffs, and satellites, and he sounds sort of British. His time travel clue is a torn-up plaid jacket that feels oddly familiar. 

Week 7 Clues: Jester revealed that he and his wife have been married for 45 years, and she's the reason he joined this show. She's currently dealing with some health issues. He sent a clue to Robin that said "cake" and called him neighbor. 

The guesses: The panelists think he's either a legit rocker or a comedian, guessing Twisted Sister's Dee Snider after seeing that jacket. I'm leaning more towards a comedian. 

It was: Johnny Rotten!

ELIMINATED Week 7: Pepper

Pepper, The Masked Singer

Pepper, The Masked Singer


The Clues so far: Pepper is ready to spice things up, and she says she has always had her own flavor. Something she did this past year went viral "basically overnight." It spread like fire, and other people were doing the same thing but adding their own flavor. She says she's striking while the iron is hot and keep in the flame alive. Her party favor is a pair of roller skates, which she would bring to the party because you don't need a driver's license. 

Her clues take place in "Chiliwood." She wins a game of Tic Tac Toe and appears to be a TikTok star, and her performance is breathtakingly good. Nicole Scherzinger was crying! 

Week 5 Clues: She'd like to return to when she first hit it big. She was suddenly pulled in a bunch of directions and got too caught up in what's next instead of enjoying the beginning of her amazing career. She has trophies and fends off photographers with a shield. She considers herself a bit of a wizard and says it's time to get the party started. She's also friends with Courteney Cox.

Week 7 Clues: The hardest thing Pepper has been through has been watching the one she loves deal with the unthinkable, and she just wants things to get better. She sent Ken a clue that said "gravity," and that's what made Ken push the button for Sara Bareilles. 

The Guesses: She doesn't sound like Olivia Rodrigo, but that driver's license line really caught Robin off guard. The panel also guessed Hailee Steinfeld, Pink, and Idina Menzel. 

Our Guess: Natasha Bedingfield. Once I heard it during her performance of "No Tears Left to Cry," I couldn't unhear it. She has a song called "Roller Skate" and recently became popular again on TikTok as "Unwritten" became a popular trend song. 

It was: Natasha Bedingfield!

ELIMINATED Week 8: The Mallard

The Mallard, The Masked Singer

The Mallard, The Masked Singer


Week 2 Clues: The Mallard is living the high life with a best-selling book and platinum album, but he grew up always hustling. He used to sell "worms" until he found "the human jukebox on a school bus." People would put a quarter in his armpit and then he would sing. His BFF is Chris Pratt. 

The clue package had some Victorian steampunk vibes and featured a fancy heeled boot that Nicole tried to call a cowboy boot, and a sign reading, "The Magnificent Mallard—he ain't no quack." There was also a blimp in the background and a close-up of a toy buck. 

He says he doesn't usually dress this fancy, but "with a face like this, I'm used to disguising it."

Week 4 Clues: Mallard believes in love at first sight because he met his wife in fourth grade. She had big curly hair and he thought she looked like a big ol' glass of iced tea. He asked her on a moonlit hike, and she said yes. His wife is super supportive and he dedicated his performance of "My House" to her and the home they built together. 

His first celeb crush was Olivia Newton-John, he likes the lights on, and he loves his dimples. He's also extremely hairy. Or maybe he likes someone hairy? Unclear.

Week 6 Clues: Mallard reveals that he became famous because of his family and has had scrutiny over things his family said, but they always still have supper together. He appears to be eating a whale, and his turkey clue was a crown. 

Week 8 Clues: He's got lots of kids, and said he's doing the show for them. He wants them to spread their wings. He also revealed that he was on Barbara Walters' list of Fascinating People. 

The Guesses: The panel thinks he might be Billy Ray Cyrus, Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Osbourne, or John Rich. 

Our guess: Willie Robertson. I don't know his voice all that well, but the Duck Dynasty star would totally be dressed like a duck. He has written multiple books, used to be a "human jukebox," is friends with Chris Pratt, met his wife in elementary school, and wooed her with a hike at summer camp, according to multiple interviews. He and his family were also on Barbara Walters' list of the Most Fascinating People of 2013. 

It was: Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson

ELIMINATED Week 8: The Caterpillar 

Caterpillar, The Masked Singer

Caterpillar, The Masked Singer


The Clues So Far: His life has been all about metamorphosis. He was lonely, and things weren't great at home so he was rebelling. He left home at a young age, lived in his car, and started stealing things like basketballs. His parents used to tell him he was going to end up in jail, and they were right. The thing that drove him the most was all the voices from his past saying he wouldn't amount to anything, but he showed them. He's got a framed photo of the Great Lakes and seems to live in a futuristic city. The costume also has braces, if that means anything. 

He performed a really incredible rendition of Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy," and let me tell you, if you haven't seen a giant pink and yellow caterpillar singing an earnest Beyonce cover that ends with a shoutout to Ken Jeong, you are probably living a better life than I am right now. Caterpillar says he's probably ghosted someone, and would be bad at rapid-fire questions. He prefers texting over calling, and would like to date Robin because he "can't take my eyes off of all his printed shirts." 

Week 6 Clues: Caterpillar didn't know his family growing up, and when he became a telemarketer, he called them over and over. He eventually told them who he was, and then they accepted him with open arms. His turkey clue was "pop." 

Week 8 Clues: He said he's spent his whole life faking it til he made it, and presented a first place award in a Bible Quiz. He also said he got a VMA award. 

The Guesses: The panel is all in on a boy bander, but I don't think so. I especially don't think he's Season 1 Rabbit Joey Fatone back for another round, and he's not Lance Bass or any members of One Direction. Jenny was going to press the Take It Off button for JC Chasez, which would have been a huge mistake. Then, she did press it for Jake Gyllenhaal, which was an even bigger mistake. 

Our guess: Queer Eye star Bobby Berk. This guess was floating around the internet after his debut because Bobby has been very open about how he struggled with his family when he came out, and this week's clues confirmed it. Bobby worked as a telemarketer earlier in life and connected with his biological father through that job, according to his Wikipedia. "Pop" could mean pop of color. I didn't know Bobby Berk was so good at singing, but apparently he is!

It was: Bobby Berk from Queer Eye

ELIMINATED Week 9: The Skunk

Skunk, The Masked Singer

Skunk, The Masked Singer


Week 1 Clues: Skunk seems to be an older soul, a singer who took a break from her career to focus on her family. Her clue package takes place on a train, and she explains that she relates to the "duality" and the "yin and yang" of the skunk. She's a luxury traveler, with a fancy bag and a ticket from Seoul, South Korea (is that literally Seoul, or could it mean soul?). There's also a vase with the letter "D," which Robin immediately took to indicate that she's a diva (D-vase). She says there's a misconception that she's quick to get into a fight, but she has learned that you don't always have to react when provoked. She sprays her haters with "Hater Spray" and seems pretty unbothered. There's also a newspaper with a photo of Jenny and the headline, "Has the Golden Ear Winner Lost Her Mind?" and a lot of focus on Skunk's expensive-looking pink and gold bag. She wants to make it do what it do, boo. 

Week 1, Part 2 Clues: She feels like she's forever a student, but has learned that life happens. School was always easy and she had a full-ride scholarship before she got some "unexpected news." Jenny McCarthy wondered if she had a baby, which was also our first thought. She was forced to take a different course and learned lessons she'd never get in a classroom. That pivot was the greatest degree she could ever get. 

Her second set of clues took place in a library, and she started to pull out a book called U.S. Government before switching to Expect the Unexpected. There was also The Big Book of Acting, and Iron Out Your Swing, with a golf club on the cover. Her locker clues were: boas, pom poms, a French final, a projector. According to Skunk, "Because of miseducation, I am always ready for the action."

Week 3 Clues: Skunk has been to some of the most epic parties around, with people like Puffer Fish/Toni Braxton. She used to be the hostess with the mostest, but these days she limits the people she allows in her personal space. She's learned it's OK to remove the wrong people from her life. She's got a family-sized box of cookies and a disco ball, and she's singing about leaving behind the glitz and the glamour for a simpler life. Her party favor was a boom box and she said, "Turn it up so the whole empire can hear you." 

Week 5 Clues: If Skunk had a time machine, she'd go back to the night when pride stopped her from connecting with a loved one before she never saw them again. All she wants to do is give them a hug, and that hug could change the course of history. She had a pager with the code for "I miss you" on it.

Week 7 Clues: She's looking for more passion, emotion and soul to win this thing. She's been told that Etta James would want Skunk to portray her in a movie. She's excited for her kids to watch her perform. She sent Nicole a clue that said "love." 

Week 9 Clues: She was good friends with Whitney Houston and she's not Jill Scott. 

The Guesses: Lauryn Hill, because of Skunk's use of the word "miseducation." Robin guessed Yolanda Adams, Jill Scott, and Fantasia Barrino, and Nicole suggested Janelle Monae and Cynthia Erivo.

Our Guess: I think Robin had it right when he guessed Faith Evans, who didn't get to say goodbye to Biggie before his death. She also left college early to have her daughter Chyna, which was an early clue. 

It was: Faith Evans 

ELIMINATED Week 10: Banana Split

Banana Split, The Masked Singer

Banana Split, The Masked Singer


Week 2 Clues: This duo consists of a banana, who appears to be a guy, and ice cream that seems to be a lady. They say it's so unexpected for them to be here, and Hollywood can sometimes make a person feel small. When she moved to Hollywood, she got a day job. She quit when she thought she got her big break, then had to beg for the job back. He says there's no such thing as an overnight success, and they explain that the key was finding a collaborator who sticks through the "sweet and the sour," and shares the same wacky dreams. 

She sang Pink's "A Million Dreams" while he played piano and didn't sing at all, and she is clearly quite talented. They explained that they don't work together all the time, but they worked together really well in the past. But also Banana is really good by itself. 

Week 4 Clues: They say song choice has been their biggest challenge so far, but they have a recipe for the perfect love song: a pinch of fantasy, a splash of pain (in the form of a first aid kit), and a dab of reality and/or heart. Use a potato masher to mash it all together, put "nothing" on a plate, and then you have the perfect banana split. 

Once again, she sang while he played piano. They took on "Cry Me a River" by Michael Buble, and they both absolutely killed it. Will we ever hear him sing too? I kinda think I need to either hear his voice or know for sure if he can sing to figure out who they are. 

During their speed dating round, Sundae said she kisses on the first date, Banana said he's gone to Costco with Ken, Sundae said she prefers a lake over a swimming pool, and Banana said he prefers a big party over a small gathering. They said they'd choose to date Nicole because they'd "have a ball together." 

Week 6 Clues: A watertower says "Welcome to Splitsville," and Ice Cream says the last time they worked together, it was a nightmare. There's a beetle, and she pranks him with a banana peel on the floor. They say people really loved what they did together and saw the magic. He says he's incredibly claustrophobic and has a special mask, but he can't see out of it. Their turkey clue was "director." 

Week 8 Clues: We learned that Banana also plays the drums, and he says one of them dreamed of being a pop star, but it didn't really pan out. Ice Cream was offended, but he said "I didn't say it was you." They brought out a whole bunch of trophies, including one for "favorite hottie." There are some weird vibes between these two. 

Week 10 Clues: They finally confirmed they're a couple with a kiss, and offered Nicole a clue that said "Garden." 

The Guesses: The panel got real wild with this one, guessing Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Katharine and David Foster, and then Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. After the second performance, the panel guessed Craig Robinson and Ashley Tisdale (LOL), Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban, and Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. In Week six, things got even more nutso with Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster, and in week eight, Jenny added Ed Sheeran and Jessie J to the mix. 

Our Guess: I've resisted for weeks because it seemed like it was a divorced couple, but I'm now on board with everyone on the internet who thinks it's married couple David Foster and Kat McPhee. David Foster is known to be claustrophobic, but there are so many clues about how they used to work together and haven't for a while. They collaborate on Instagram all the time, and just had a baby together. Some of the clues just don't fit, but others fit perfectly! 

It was: David Foster and Katharine McPhee


The Bull, The Masked Singer

The Bull, The Masked Singer


Week 1 Clues: Bull grew up in a small town but had bigger dreams. He traveled around the world in a quest to be the greatest of all time, but the doors he knocked on just weren't opening. He kept getting rejected, but he didn't give it up. He became his own boss, and eventually both Hollywood and Forbes took notice. 

A stuffed lion sits on a rock, Cooperstown (home of the Baseball Hall of Fame) is marked on a map, and at one point, Bull waves to the astronaut who was once Hunter Hayes. He says he's very shy about singing, even though he put on a hell of a performance. 

Week 1, Part 2 Clues: He marched to the beat of his own drum in school and felt most free to be himself in his garage. He created his own world and put on shows that were sold out in his head. He lived on his own planet, and his performance of Rascal Flatts' "What Hurts the Most" reminds him of that time. He holds up a picture of the Disney Concert Hall, and his garage is covered in flowers. His locker clues were: Three cheerleaders jumped out of Bull's locker. "I've always been a fan of school spirit," Bull says. "Nothing makes me happier than the cheer of a crowd. That's what makes me happy."

Week 3 Clues: Bull revealed that he has notorious house parties where everybody dances, though he was a wallflower as a kid. Clues include Carnegie Hall, a boa, and a set of scrubs. He sang Britney Spears' "Circus" and showed the panel a wrapped present, explaining that he cared more about the wrapping.

Week 5 Clues: Bull wants to revisit the time when he made a risky choice and left his stable job and became like the Fresh Prince. Suddenly, his life was turned upside down. There's a pile of nails on a table and a picture of Hall & Oates, and he holds up comedy and tragedy masks.

Week 7 Clues: Bull is used to being a solo performer, but he's super nervous. He thinks he's been listening to Skunk since he was a child. Bull has a connection to guest panelist Will I. Am and sent him the word "ring." 

Week 9 Clues: Bull revealed that he is not a cast member from Hamilton, and got a shoutout from his friend Matthew Morrison. 

The Guesses: The panel has been all over the place with their guesses, including Darren Criss, Justin Timberlake, Kevin Jonas (no), Zac Efron, Donald Glover, and the entire cast of Hamilton. They eventually narrowed it down to Taye Diggs or Leslie Odom Jr., then Jeremy Pope and, somehow, Jesse Tyler Ferguson. (Oh, Ken.)

Our Guess: Our guess: I was on the Leslie Odom Jr. and Taye Diggs train until something clicked and I thought of former American Idol contestant and RuPaul's Drag Race choreographer Todrick Hall. One quick trip to the comments under YouTube videos of Bull's performances confirmed that I'm not alone in that thought, and many of the clues fit. He's been on Forbes' 30-under-30 list. The pile of nails could refer to his song "Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels." The scrubs from one of his earlier clue packages could refer to his quarantine remix, "Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs." He also has a song called "Rent," which he referenced on stage. He's also a professional choreographer who can totally do the splits, and he knows Matthew Morrison from judging the UK show The Greatest Dancer. I have no doubts at this point! 

It was: Todrick Hall

WINNER: Queen of Hearts 

Queen of Hearts, The Masked Singer

Queen of Hearts, The Masked Singer


Week 2 Clues: The Queen of Hearts is either a true southern belle or a great imitator. She's got quite the accent and one big eye. She spent her whole life learning how to champion her own heart. She left home when she was young and was determined to never turn back. Her BFF is Hilary Swank. 

There's a Wizard of Oz theme with huge chess pieces and a lot of clocks, including one labeled in minutes instead of hours, and one with spiraling Roman numerals.

She sang Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and she said she's on the show to be a "big ol' blaring, blasting megaphone of heart." 

Week 4 Clues: Queen of Hearts is single and has loved and lost. She also says she's shy but doesn't come off like that on stage. She's looking for a guy with emotional intelligence who is smart, handsome, and outdoorsy. In her dating app, she swipes left on The Rock, a clown, a couch surfer, a "Sour Doughboy," a guy named Austin Tatious, and a fly guy. 

She sang "La Vie En Rose," and while she said she's never sung in French before, she smashed it. She told the panel she would never date an ex again and on her day off, she loves to read, ride motorcycles, and hike. She loved visiting the Alps. She wants to date Ken because they would both have a roasting hot first date. 

Week 6 Clues: The press used to not be kind to her, calling her stupid, simplistic, untalented, dumb, and chubby. But she's always written her own story. There was an envelope that said "With Love," and a cowboy hat. Her turkey clue said "home." 

Week 8 Clues: She said this next song, Patsy Cline's "She's Got You," reminded her of the "best worst time" in her life. It was the worst because a dream was ending, and the best because she was on the other side of it and stronger than she thought she could be. She once won a Blockbuster Entertainment Award. 

Week 10 Clues: She described living on the street at one point in her life and often worrying about shelter and food. She gave a clue that said "wrestle" and said she was not afraid to get in the ring and get a little bit dirty. 

The Guesses: Based solely on Queen of Heart's nice legs, one of the original guesses was Fergie, which seemed insane other than one impressive vocal moment at the end of her performance. Other guesses included Britney Spears, Kellie Pickler, Renee Zellweger, Miley Cyrus, and one of the Judds, but no one seemed to be sure about anything. Ken also tried to guess Ireland Baldwin, which it's so not. Nicole finally guessed Jewel in week six, which was not met with support from the other panelists. 

Our Guess: It's Jewel, and I'm pretty sure of it. When she's not singing in French, it sounds like Jewel, and Jewel is a big fan of motorcycles. She's also divorced, and like Ken, has participated in a Comedy Central roast when she did the Roast of Rob Lowe. She's also friends with Hilary Swank. 

It was: Jewel