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The Masked Singer's Frog Gave Away His Identity with This Big Clue

Does this hip hop star think we're too green to get this hint?

Malcolm Venable

One of the big surprises of The Masked Singer Season 3 has been the durability of Frog. He's not the best singer of the bunch -- in fact, he hasn't done much singing at all but a lot of rapping hip hop hits instead. Still, with his incredibly intense and electrifying performances, he's been one of the most fun to watch. His identity, however, has gotten increasingly easy to figure out, especially after a big clue in the most recent episode.

Since he hopped out of the gate, Frog has delivered more than a few "ribbeting" performances, including MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" and 50 Cent's "In Da Club." Indeed, almost all his song choices have been rap bangers, and though he's said the sweet footwork he's shown every week is not from professional training, it sure looks like this adroit amphibian is from the rap world. We've got a pretty solid lead on exactly who he is, and that is the one and only Bow Wow. How can we tell? Let's dive into the evidence.

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For one, there was an early glimpse at $106 -- a very likely nod to his time on 106 & Park. In another instance, we saw letters on a keyboard that highlighted the letters C, S, and I, and Bow Wow -- real name Shad Moss -- used to star on CSI: Cyber. Frog has said he was ready to "sing his face off," and keen observers might've figured out that Face Offis the name of an album he did with Omarion back in the day.

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As for other clues, Frog dropped hints about a prince a few times but considering that Bow Wow has a song titled "Prince of Darkness," that bolsters the idea that this is indeed Mr. Moss. At the very start of the competition, one of Frog's clues was a poster of the 1996 Olympics, which were in Atlanta. Guess where Bow Wow lives? Did you say the ATL? You're getting good at this!

But it was a clue from "A Quarter Mask Crisis: The Quarter Finals," that made his identity abundantly clear. As part of his clue package, Frog brought out a model airplane -- a private jet, in fact. As Robin Thicke correctly pointed out, Bow Wow was the subject of an intense Internet roasting two years ago, after he posted a pic pretending to be on a private jet but was called out by someone on the same (commercial) flight as him. The passenger's pic went viral, causing Twitter to do its thing, coming up with some pretty savage and hilarious memes like these. After all the previous clues and now this, all we can say to Frog is "See you soon, Bow Wow!"

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