Chris Noth, <em>The Good Wife</em>, Hillary Clinton Chris Noth, The Good Wife, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is about to have a new opponent in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination...and he's fictional.

The Good Wife executive producer Robert King told TVLine that when the show returns in the fall, Peter will be running against Clinton when he tosses his own hat in the ring for the presidential nomination. "If Peter runs, he is running against Hillary," he said, adding that it's "amazing" that CBS is "letting us do that.

"We're trying to parallel what's happening on our show with what's happening in reality," he said. "The difficult thing for us is we started writing these scripts in June, so you're always kind of guessing where things are going. And we're stunned in politics how things change overnight.""

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However, The Good Wife does reserve the right to depart "from reality at some point," King added. So Peter's fate may not be sealed by what happens in the real political world.

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The Good Wife returns Oct. 4 at 9/8c on CBS.

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