Callie's (Maia Mitchell) troubles on The Fosters have taken another turn for the worse and landed her in the stickiest situation she's been in yet.

Her statement to the police about the hit-and-run accident she was involved in was turned into a confession of fault and landed the Adams Fosters' eldest daughter back in juvenile detention. Stef (Teri Polo) immediately stepped in to try and get Callie freed to come home, but Callie's previous runaway attempt made her a flight risk and thus will keep her behind bars.

It gets worse. Since Callie is 17, the prosecution petitioned the court for Callie to have a "fitness hearing" — which will determine whether Callie should be tried as an adult. That creates a terrifying prospect for the young girl who has worked so hard to get her life back on track over the course of the show. While it would be terrible for Callie to have to spend any extended amount of time in juvenile detention, any official records of her time there become sealed once she turns 18. If she's tried as an adult and found guilty, that goes on her permanent record for the rest of her life.

Maia Mitchell and Karen Anzoategui, <em>The Fosters</em>Maia Mitchell and Karen Anzoategui, The Fosters

It is true that Callie has matured very much since viewers first met her at the start of the series, but she still has an impulsive streak that leads her to make terrible decisions with even more terrible consequences. The build up of those choices has been kept on paper since before she came to live with Stef and Lena (Sherri Saum) and will do her no favors when it comes to fighting this next legal battle. She's lucky to have a mother who is a cop and another who is an advocate for children, as well as her wealthy biological father Robert (Kerr Smith) who will be in her corner for the next steps, but there's only so much a cop's influence and Robert's money can do in this situation.

The Fosters: Maia Mitchell talks Callie's perilous journey ahead

The tragic part comes from the fact that most of Callie's permanent record comes from her trying to protect herself or Jude (Hayden Byerly) from outside forces. The first time she ended up in juvenile detention was for smashing a car to stop her foster father from abusing Jude (that foster father would then go on to murder another foster child). The second time was for running away when she believed Stef and Lena wouldn't want her after she developed feelings for their eldest son Brandon (David Lambert). The running away and her subsequent stint in a group home is what is creating seemingly insurmountable odds for Callie to overcome.

Is being impulsive and making irresponsible decisions reason enough for Callie to have a permanent record the moment she enters adulthood? Absolutely not, and the show has gone to extreme lengths to show Callie's progress over the past few years. However, a core theme of the season is showing how juveniles, specifically those who have grown up in the foster system, are never given a fair shake when it comes to the courts. A system that is supposed to protect them often becomes their worst enemy.

Will Callie be able to defy the odds and get the clean start she's been working so hard for? Only time will tell.

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