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The Fosters: Maia Mitchell Talks Callie's Perilous Journey Ahead

There's big trouble ahead

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from Tuesday's season premiere of The Fosters. Read at your own risk!]

Jesus (Noah Centineo) may have survived his run-in with Nick (Louis Hunter) in the midseason premiere of The Fosters, but the drama is far from over for the Adams Fosters family. Among their problems, Jesus is now in a medically induced coma while the entire family is unsure of what will happen next.

Since it is fairly certain that Jesus will wake up, it is actually Callie (Maia Mitchell) that ended the premiere in the most danger of anyone. She managed to escape from her death-defying car trip with Mrs. Johnson's grandson -- the man she believes is the true murderer of Mrs. Johnson instead of her former foster brother, Kyle, who is still in prison for the crime. Callie escaped the car by causing an accident that critically injured two complete strangers. Callie ran from the scene to get away from Mrs. Johnson's grandson, but spent the entire day wracked with guilt over the potential injuries she caused.

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In the closing moments of the premiere, Callie decided to go to the police station without telling Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum) to give a statement. Her testimony alerted Detective Gray -- the man responsible for putting Kyle in prison for Mrs. Johnson's murder in the first place -- and now it seems that Callie's intention to give a statement has turned into an interrogation that could land her behind bars for leaving the scene of an accident.

TVGuide.com talked to Maia Mitchell about what's next for Callie and how this new run-in with the law could jeopardize all of the progress she's made so far.

Maia Mitchell and John Marshall Jones, The Fosters​

Maia Mitchell and John Marshall Jones, The Fosters

Tony Rivetti, Freeform

Callie made the brave decision to go to the cops but we can already see how that's not going to work out as she planned. What can you tell us about what happens next?

Maia Mitchell: Technically, if you leave the scene of a crime or a car accident, it's technically a hit and run. It's a felony. I don't think she has that information. Thinking she's doing the right thing, goes to the cops rather than going to the parents. That was her first instinct -- to go to her parents -- and just come clean about everything, the full extent of her involvement in the case and the situation that she's put herself in. The mothers are dealing with a son who is in a coma, so she really can't go to them. Instead of waiting it out, goes to police thinking she's doing the right thing and finds herself in an interrogation room being assessed by Detective Gray, who was responsible for putting Kyle in prison in the first place. She's got a lot of things to worry about and a lot of potentially really difficult situations to squeeze herself out of.

This isn't the first time that Callie has had a run-in with the law either. How is this situation going to complicate the progress that she's made over the past few years?

Mitchell: There's a flaw with juveniles, and with people in general, in terms of the justice system where once you have a record and once you have these facts on paper, it's really, really hard no matter how much personal progress you make. She's now in a steady family. She's doing well in school. She's being creative and thinking about what colleges to go to. She's got a job and all of these really productive great things. She's got a boyfriend and healthy relationships with her friends -- but no matter how much progress she makes she will always be minimized to what is on this piece of paper. You definitely see the frustration of that and how devastating that can be for so many people who have come out of this juvenile or detention system and are unable to make real progress. It's really devastating and you see her really struggling with that.

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Obviously her moms are two people that know Callie and how well she's done -- but they are tied up with Jesus in the hospital. Is there going to be someone else she can trust if she can't go to them?

Mitchell: You definitely see her leaning towards Aaron, just because he has been so involved in the case. He's really the one that she's gone to with all the information. He's kind of been her sidekick in all of this. You see her relying and leaning on him. That can be really frustrating for AJ, her boyfriend, who is already quite threatened by Aaron for quite good reason. Aaron can really overstep a lot of the time and Callie has a history with him. You definitely see that AJ is pushed aside a little bit, unintentionally. You definitely see Callie forming a close bond with Aaron through all of this.

Does that mean the Aaron/Callie/AJ love triangle will continue this season?

Mitchell: It's not over. I don't know how much of it is about romance. I don't think AJ is as threatened by Aaron romantically as he is by the fact that Callie is putting more energy into [Aaron's] relationship and that friendship. It's a mix of, yes they had a history and that's a small threat, but it's more that she's just not allowing the room for AJ. He can sense that and see that. That's more what's put a rift between them. I guess there is a triangle but it's not necessarily all romantic.

It's understandable why Callie went to the cops initially, but now that she's being interrogated how long will it take Stef and Lena to find out what's going on?

Mitchell: She really just needs to go give a statement because she's worried about the other people and she wants to give all of the information. She quickly realizes that she needs her mothers, so you will see them finding out very soon. Mike is very much involved as well because he's at the police station anyway. You see the mothers find out the full extent. Of course, Stef has been quite involved. Stef and Callie really connect over their sense of social justice and that kind of need to fix everything. They're very similar in a lot of ways. I don't think Stef is mad at her. She really understands but the moms are really at the end of their tether and are really stretched. So you see their kind of exhaustion with that, but they aren't really mad at her. They're just worried.

The Fosters continues Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.