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VIDEO: The Daily Show Mocks Presidential Hopefuls Trying to Act Young and Cool

Trevor Noah as Ben Carson, FTW

Shelli Weinstein

Presidential elections aren't just the way we determine the next leader of the United States. According to Trevor Noah, they're also a contest to find "the old person who is the best at pretending to like young people things."

In a Daily Showsegment titled "Panderdemic 2016," Noah pointed out how the presidential hopefuls have been trying to appeal to the youth vote in very awkward ways -- from Marco Rubio's take on Biggie and Tupac's feud and Lena Dunham's recent interview with Hillary Clinton to the odd mutual admiration between Kanye West and Ben Carson.

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In the ultimate moment of pandering inspiration, Noah delivered a spot-on impression of Carson... performing "Gold Digger," natch.

Take a look at the full segment:

The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday nights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.