The Big Bang Theory will return for its 11th season next month. The way Jim Parsons looks hasn't changed, but a lot else has. Sheldon (Parsons) proposed to Amy (Mayim Bialik) in the Season 10 finale, the most grown-up thing the overgrown boy has ever done. It was such a momentous occasion, in fact, that the cast cried tears of joy when it happened.

Season 11 will pick up from there, with Amy giving her answer to Sheldon. Presumably she'll say yes, but we don't know for sure. There may be more tears on the way!

Here's what else we know:

There's a new showrunner. Longtime showrunner Steven Molaro has moved over to the spin-off Young Sheldon. Executive producer Steve Holland, who has been with the show since Season 3, got promoted to helm the hit sitcom.

There may be some crossover between Big Bang and Young Sheldon. Co-creator Chuck Lorre said that he's thinking about ways the prequel can affect the original show. "We're definitely discussing the ripple effect that the shows can have," Lorre said at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

Things with Stuart are "typical." Here's one thing that isn't changing this season: TBBT's resident Eeyore will stay put-upon and disrespected. The attitude has even extended a little bit to Kevin Sussman, the actor who plays him, who has an ancient VHS/DVD TV in his trailer.

The end could be in sight. Chuck Lorre has said that Season 12 could be the end of the series (that's when the cast's current, highly lucrative contracts are up).

We're probably never going to find out Penny's last name. And since her last name is Hofstadter now, it kinda doesn't matter. But Kaley Cuoco has her own idea of what it is.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 premieres Monday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c.

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