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Kaley Cuoco Knows What Penny's Last Name Is on Big Bang Theory

Not Hofstadter, you guys, her maiden name

Alexander Zalben

Grab your best bing-bong, and light up the bazingas, because The Big Bang Theory returned to San Diego Comic-Con this year with a, well, bang! Cast members Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, and Kevin Sussman regaled the 6,000+ attendees with fast and funny nerd friendly jokes that had fans roaring.

Sure, there are a few outstanding questions from the past season... Will Amy (Mayim Bialik) accept Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) proposal? What nerdy guest stars will show up next season (and are there any left the show hasn't already featured)? And will there be a time-traveling crossover with spin-off Young Sheldon?

Who knows? These Comic-Con panels are always less about news, than about the cast having a good time with fans. So here are the funniest moments from the Comic-Con panel:

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1. Please welcome your special guests! Riki Lindhome and John Ross Bowie, two frequent antagonists for the cast, surprised everyone as the moderators for the panel. "Heckling already, I love this," joked Bowie when fans immediately started shouting at him from the audience.

2. The cast fights! Producer/writer Steve Molaro recalled a Comic-Con early in Cuoco and Galecki's relationship, when it was still secret, where he walked over to chat with them... Only to encounter a crying Cuoco, begging him to stay. This may have been funnier to hear in person. They were laughing about it!

3. Everybody cried during Sheldon and Amy's proposal. Okay, another not very funny moment, but Cuoco recalled that everyone in the cast gathered to watch the scene when Sheldon proposed to Amy -- and there wasn't a dry eye in the house! "All our stories involve Kaley crying," joked Molaro.

4. Nayyar has seen two cast-members with their pants off... Almost. "I've seen Sheldon squeeze into his pants more times than I can count," Nayyar joked, though he noted he saw Galecki on a couch just after he had put on his pants. So close!

5. Kevin Sussman doesn't remember anyone. Sussman joked that even after all these years, he barely remembers the members of the cast. The show has a wall with pics of cast and crew members, which he studies every day -- then immediately forgets. "I have the mind of a spaghetti strainer," Sussman joked.

6. Cuoco knows what Penny's last name is. "I have in my head what I think it is," Cuoco noted when asked by a fan, "but now I'm Penny Hofstadter, so it doesn't matter."

7. Cuoco got punched in the face once. While filming a scene where Galecki's character got so mad about Cuoco not eating an expensive plate of eggplant parmesan, Cuoco actually started bleeding from her face. They showed off the deleted scene, which found cast and crew rushing over to Cuoco as she said, "Does it look bad?" Needless to say, they all laughed about it later, and don't film scenes like that anymore.

8. Nayyar geeked out kissing Danica McKellar. As a big fan of The Wonder Years, Nayyar couldn't believe he got to make out with the actress who played Winnie Cooper on Big Bang Theory. "Nine months later, she was pregnant," joked Nayyar.

9. Bob Newhart seriously owned a director. When Newhart guest starred, the director asked whether he could do his Newhart stutter. "I don't stutter, I stammer," Newhart said, adding, "Do you know the difference?" When the director said no, Newhart quipped, "A house in Bel Air."

10. The panel ended with a sing-along. Since we never got to hear the alternate version of "Soft Kitty" that Amy sung to Sheldon, the panel ended with the whole cast and assembled fans singing the new lyrics, which were all about turtles, kittys, and turtles. "Hard turtle, wet turtle, where did your head go? Happy, turtle, sleepy turtle, slow, slow, slow." You get the gist.

The Big Bang Theory returns Monday, September 25 at 8/7c.

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