Looking for something to watch on Netflix this November? Here are our recommendations for the best new shows and movies released on Netflix this week.

After a light week to start November, Netflix is pushing out the releases this week, and though there's no super AAA title in the group, there's still a wide swath of options to satisfy just about everyone. Serene reality from the U.K., gory horror from Indonesia, a nostalgic animated prequel, a music-based reality show and one very famous penis lead the options this week.

And you better watch as much as you can this week, because you won't want things to pile up by next Friday as Netflix has several big titles come out. A new season of Narcos, a heartwarming documentary on dogs and a new project from the Coen Brothers are all coming next Friday.

Let's go through all the Netflix releases this week, shall we? And if you're looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, click over to our Watch This Now! page.

(All titles are out Friday, Nov. 9 unless specified otherwise.)

The Biggest Releases

The Outlaw King
Chris Pine stars as Robert the Bruce, the King of Scots, in this film set in the 14th Century and detailing a war between the Scots and the British. Fans of medieval battles and spurting blood may take a shine to it, but as you've probably heard, the reason the film is getting most of its attention is because of a full-frontal shot of a naked Pine bearing his pine-s.

The Great British Baking Show, Collection 6
New seasons of Britain's best reality show — take that, Love Island — used to show up on PBS well after they concluded in the U.K., but Netflix threw enough money around to get the seasons to America even earlier. This batch, dubbed "Collection 6" but actually Season 9, comes mere weeks after it was done in its native land, so those soufflés may still have some bounce in 'em. (Trailer)

May the Devil Take You
If the recent Netflix release and Indonesian action movie The Night Comes for Us has only stoked your bloodlust (it's fun and very, very, very bloody), then give director Timo Tjahjahnto's other 2018 film a shot. This one's more of a horror film: A young woman visits her old villa and uncovers horrible truths, like THE DEVIL. Wear a poncho for this splatter-fest. (Thursday, Nov. 15 / Trailer)

Everything Else

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Season 1
While He-Man is relegated to dank memes, the Masters of the Universe extension designed to appeal to young girls has her own animated Netflix show! Take that, patriarchy! Princesses of Power is She-Ra's origin story, with some goofy jokes and — please keep this between me and you — it looks pretty good. (Tuesday, Nov. 13)

Beat Bugs, Season 3
Parents: If you're ears are going to bleed to the tune of children's songs on repeat, you may as well already know the words. Bugs get together and sing the songs of The Beatles in a higher pitch. Does that ruin the Fab 4's classics or make a kids' show better? (Trailer)

Here Are the 100 Best Shows Right Now

Medal of Honor, Season 1
Robert Zemeckis produced this 8-part docuseries that tells the stories of recipients of the Medal of Honor, and recreates them for us to marvel in the soldiers' bravery. On a related note, I once got 18 kills in a game of Call of Duty. (Trailer)

The Queen of Flow, Season 1
I don't know how this Colombian series isn't a new ABC drama already, but an adaptation will probably be on the network's fall schedule next year. A talented female songwriter gets put in the clink for a crime she didn't commit, and is released 17 years later to seek revenge on those who put her in. Get Rachael Taylor on the phone, ABC! (Trailer)

Spirit: Riding Free, Season 7
If you go by number of seasons, Spirit: Riding Free is practically Netflix's most successful series. But then again, that would mean Voltron: Legendary Defender is top dog with its eight seasons. Still, Spirit is a hit with the kids because anything about a young girl's friendship with a horse is gold, I tell ya! (Trailer)

Super Drags, Season 1
If you were stoned the other day and wondering why there aren't any animated series about drag queen superheroes, someone must have been listening. Keep the kids away; though it's bright and colorful, it's a very adult-orientated show. (Trailer)

Treehouse Detectives
Oh shit. Someone is missing their acorns, and only Toby and Teri — the most capable detectives in the forest — can solve the crime. But will the bears be able to solve the crime before it's too late?!?!?! This is aimed at 0 to 2-year-olds, by the way. (Trailer)

Nine aspiring musicians are followed by cameras as they prepare to nail their big chance at making it in the biz. Which apparently isn't starring in this Netflix show. (Trailer)

Loudon Wainwright III: Surviving Twin
Loudon Wainwright III, cool folk singer and not-so-cool dad from Undeclared, takes the stage in this performance of songs and stories about the relationship between fathers and sons. This guy wrote "The Swimming Song," the ultimate late-August goodbye-to-summer ditty, so show him some respect and watch it. (Tuesday, Nov. 13 / Trailer)

Warrior, Season 1
No, this isn't Tom Hardy cracking skulls as an MMA fighter, this Warrior is a Danish series about a war vet who returns home only to be caught between a rough biker gang and the police. If you already miss Mayans M.C., this has bikers in it! (Tuesday, Nov. 13 / Trailer)

The Crew
Dangerous criminals get caught up with more dangerous criminals and are dangerously forced to commit more dangerous crimes in this crime thriller from France. (Thursday, Nov. 15 / Trailer)

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