The Bella Twins have been a reigning force in the WWE for nearly a decade, but don't expect either Diva to tap out anytime soon.

As the WWE continues recruiting younger women, Brie and Nikki Bella find new ways to stay competitive. "As far as the ring goes and being in the WWE spotlight, it's just keeping your character fresh and interesting," Nikki tells "Then as far as outside the ring, how do my looks stay great, my body, all that type of stuff. Which can truly be hard, especially when you're the older ones. It's like, OK, I've got to hang with the 20-year-olds."

"I just want Nikki and I to leave a legacy, to pave a road for all these women," adds Brie. "[For them] to come in and be treated like the men are treated, and to dominate the men's world and keep that going."

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Of course, the Bella Twins understand the dangerous nature of their careers, which could be cut short at any moment due to injuries (as recently evidenced by the sad retirement of Brie's husband Daniel Bryan). But for now, both Nikki and Brie are keeping their eyes on the prize.

"If it ends tomorrow for me, I'm OK with that," Brie says. "I'll go be with my lumberjack husband in the woods and have babies. But I just hope that we leave a legacy."