In the world of The Bachelorette, Wells Adams is an anomaly — he's not a bodybuilder, he doesn't work in real estate or, like, pharmaceutical sales, and he doesn't look 10 years older than he actually is (he's 31 but looks 21, while most of the guys are 26 and look 40). He seems like a relatively nice, normal guy, one you could actually see yourself getting tacos and going to a concert with. And that is why he didn't win, and that is why I'll miss him.

Wells got cut during his one-on-one date with JoJo Fletcher, since she just wasn't feeling the spark with him. He's not her type. But Wells wasn't on the show to actually win anyway. He was there as a cute guy who's good at talking off-the-cuff — he is a radio DJ, after all. He's funny and articulate, qualities the remaining guys on the show (cough, Chase, cough) severely lack. He was able to explain what was happening, both when talking directly to the camera and during group scenes.

Wells Adams,<em> The Bacherlorette</em>Wells Adams, The Bacherlorette

He also got some entertaining moments of his own. His intro was the best of the first night, when he brought out the a cappella group All-4-One to serenade JoJo. All the other guys were jealous. When Chad got eliminated, it was his idea to spread the villain's leftover protein powder around like ashes, the only good moment of that otherwise unbecoming display. And who could forget the time he almost passed out during the fireman challenge? While most Bachelorette contestants would have a meltdown if they weren't in good enough shape to run up stairs while wearing 70 pounds of gear, Wells had a self-deprecating sense of humor about it and didn't quit, even though he wanted to. He came off well, even though he didn't win.

The Bachelorette is an exercise in fantasy. Not even NFL quarterback/Prince Charming Jordan Rodgers or humble country boy with perfect abs Luke Pell can live up to the images the show creates for them. If men like them exist in real life, which is unlikely, they wouldn't be on this show. But Wells actually does exist in real life, both as a type and as a real person. There are thousands of cute music geeks who would go on a date with a Bachelorette viewer in a heartbeat, and all you'd have to do to meet them is get a latte at that hip new place downtown.

And that seems to be who Wells actually is, not a character he's playing. He has thoughts besides "JoJo is pretty and I like to work out." He overthought the situation when he hadn't kissed JoJo yet, which is a problem, but it's a different problem than the under-thinking problem most Bachelorette contestants have.

Wells is was actually crushable. I mean, I'm a straight man, so I don't know what women want, but I asked some straight female Bachelorette viewer friends of mine if Wells is the only dateable contestant, and they said yes (one of them also said Evan, because her boyfriend kind of looks like him, but she has insane taste, apparently). Among the sensitive Marines and millionaire athletes, Wells stood out for being relatable and attainable. So long, Wells. See you and your dog on Snapchat.