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This The Bachelorette Meme Proves Grocery Joe Is the Only Good Man

Joe wouldn't do any of the idiotic stuff these other guys keep doing

Liam Mathews

Joe, the grocery store owner from Chicago, got eliminated on The Bachelorette's first night, but he has remained in the hearts of fans ever since because he seems like a nice, normal, attainably handsome guy. Becca really should have kept him around, if only to balance out the Jordans and Lincolns and Coltons and Jean Blancs. Every guy except Wills had a terrible showing in Monday's episode.

You know who would have been great though? Joe. So much so that Bachelorette fans on Twitter have created a funny meme around the idea that Joe would't do anything bad. It's sort of like a less ambitious Chuck Norris joke. Here are some of the best examples.

(I don't remember who won the lumberjack course because it wasn't Joe.)

(Lincoln thinks the Earth is flat.)

(Jean Blanc gave Becca perfume and then asked for it back when she broke up with him and then told her he said "I love you" because he thought that's what she wanted to hear.) (Peter's alright, but he's no Grocery Joe.)

(Wills' ex-girlfriend wanted a "hall pass" to sleep with someone else. When he didn't grant it, she cheated on him.)

(Jordan took his pants off and danced around in tiny gold shorts. It was traumatic.)

(Garrett liked an Instagram post promoting a pro-gun right wing conspiracy theory. Lincoln has been convicted of assaulting a woman. David fell out of bed onto his own face.)

I will leave you with a Joe-centric variant on what is perhaps the greatest meme of 2018 so far:

I hope we don't find out Joe is hosting dogfights in the stockroom of his grocery store or something, but nothing is surprising anymore.

#TheBachelorette memes like this prove Grocery Joe is the only good man

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