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The Bachelorette's Chris Harrison: Ben Never Had a Chance

The good news is we've officially started our campaign for Ben as the Bachelor

Robyn Ross

The bad news from this week's episode of The Bachelorette is that fan-favorite Ben H. was sent home. The good news? We can now start our official campaign for him to be the next Bachelor!

The episode began with arch-enemies Nick and Shawn ending their heated conversation -- with Part 2 of the battle coming later -- and Kaitlyn and Ben having an incredible, drama-free overnight date. However, despite Ben's good looks and way with words, he got the boot, leaving Kaitlyn to meet her final two guys' families. The two hours ended with Kaitlyn in tears as she ponders which guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

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In our weekly interview, host Chris Harrison shares why Ben never had a chance and teases both the upcoming "Men Tell All" special and the "train wreck" that is the season finale.

Ben and Kaitlyn had a great overnight date, but he still got sent home. He seems like such a great guy!
Chris Harrison:
He is a great guy, and what you see is what you get. He's so handsome, has a great self-deprecating sense of humor, and he's down to earth, which is rare when you find a guy with a package like that -- God doesn't give it all to you! I just think Kaitlyn was so into Nick and Shawn that I don't know if Ben even had a chance. I think she tried to keep those doors open as much as she could, but at the end of the day Nick and Shawn were so much the front-runners that I don't know if guys like Ben or Jared ever [could've made it to the end]. It was a huge struggle for Kaitlyn. I think she realized, like, "In what world am I saying goodbye to this guy?"

So, can he be the Bachelor?
I think he could be the one. I can pretty much guarantee the next Bachelor will come out of this season, and it's very rare we have so many good choices. When you look at the front row of "Men Tell All," we had Ben Z, Ben H, Jared and Chris, and I was looking at those four thinking any of them would make a great season. We've started those discussions and we'll have a great Bachelor.

Shawn and Kaitlyn's golf date reminded me of what their relationship was like before all the Nick drama.
Harrison: Yeah, it was nice to see the spark that is Shawn and Kaitlyn.

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And we finally see that the naked guy from the super tease is... Shawn!
Yep, he bared it all and it was hysterical.

I like that we now get to see the "morning after" the fantasy suite dates. Is this a new thing? Harrison: It's something we're trying to show fans a little bit more. We've never shown it before, but I think it shows a softer, sweeter side to these relationships where you feel like you're looking in on this moment.

What did you think when Nick confronted Shawn after his date?
They were done with each other before the fantasy suite, so you can only imagine now. It'll be interesting what we do at "After the Final Rose" because we've never had such a contentious relationship between the final two. So, I want to get them on the stage together. They really dislike each other and that's never going to change, especially because one of them will end up with Kaitlyn and the other will be the loser. So, that'll only increase the animosity and who knows what will be said. AFR is going to be wild.

It was interesting to see how emotional Nick's mom was about his previous heartbreak.
Harrison: You kind of get the impression that he falls hard and he falls a lot. Not that they're not two worthy women, but he fell head over heels for Andi and now he's head over heels for Kaitlyn. So is that coincidence? I don't know, but his parents shed some light, and it maybe validates him a little more that you see it is genuine. For those who think he's here to be the next Bachelor or get his 15 minutes, I'm sure to some degree there is that, but you do see that [he falls in love] and this is who he is.

What did you think of both "meet the parents" dates overall?
Harrison: I'll say this: It was the least impactful meet the parents we've had. Nothing was riding on meeting the parents, and Kaitlyn isn't the type of person to be swayed by that. Andi was much more family-driven, and the fact that Josh's family was in Atlanta and her family loved Josh all very much played into the Andi-Josh scenario.

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I don't think I had realized Shawn hadn't said "I love you" yet.
Harrison: I thought the same thing when I heard that, and I went back and realized that [this week] was the first time. Their relationship has been so tumultuous, volatile and emotional that you assume they were already there, which they were because it's one of those things where you don't need to say it.

The episode ended with her being extremely emotional. What's next?
Harrison: This is a train wreck the rest of the way. The good news is she narrowed it down to two guys she knows she's in love with and has the best chance at making it with. But to that end, she probably would've done herself [a favor] to bring someone to the Final 2 she knew wasn't the one because she created a huge situation. It's going to be beyond a normal breakup because one of them is not only getting dumped, but he'll be hurt and feel like the loser to the other guy. Kaitlyn knows she's really going to hurt someone on a grand scale.

What can you tease about next week's "Men Tell All"?
It's going to be a phenomenal show. It wasn't a lot of catty stuff, but more dealing with questions, like why she only told Shawn [about having sex]. We talked more to Ben, who was the only one privy to the conversation with Shawn when she said, "You're the one," and he really exposed that whole night and what happened, which was very enlightening. And Ian will surprise people.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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