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Everything We Know About Becca's Season of The Bachelorette

First and foremost, hot tubs are back

Liam Mathews

Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette is currently in production for a May 28 premiere. Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s jilted ex-fiancée is getting her chance to find the right guy after it became brutally clear that Arie was the wrong one. Becca has moved on from getting surprise-dumped on TV and is ready to "do the damn thing," as she puts it in her Instagram bio.

Here's what we know so far about what's coming up on Becca's very special season, The Bachelorette's fourteenth cycle. We'll update regularly as we find new info out.

Ryan and Becca Kufrin, The Bachelor

Ryan and Becca Kufrin, The Bachelor

Paul Hebert, ABC

The cast has been revealed! Meet them here.

But we were introduced to five of Becca's guys already. During The Bachelor's After the Finale Rose live special, Becca -- and the viewers at home -- got a sneak peek at five of the guys who'd be competing for Becca's heart. There was Lincoln, a charming Brit who called Arie a "wanker;" Chase, who had very tall hair; Ryan, who switched up the singer-songwriter character trope by playing the banjo instead of guitar; Darius, who ogled Becca a little too aggressively and made us uncomfortable; and Blake, who rode out of the studio with her on horseback. All of these guys' Instagrams are private while the show is filming, but you'll be able to help grow their follower ranks soon enough.

Somebody is there for the wrong reasons. Somebody's always there for the wrong reasons. But somebody got caught doing something so bad that creator Mike Fleiss himself tweeted, "C'mon gentlemen. Right reasons. Always." Maybe he was overdoing it with the free food and open bar?

Becca might not be over Arie. An ABC executive thinks how Becca's relationship with Arie ended could affect how she conducts her season. "This could be one of the stranger seasons of The Bachelorette because she might not truly be over Arie and it may not work," ABC senior vice president of alternative programming Rob Mills told Variety. "I certainly hope it does, and we will do everything we possibly can to make sure it does, but you just don't know. It certainly is a chance worth taking."

Somebody showed up in a chicken suit. One guy apparently thought he'd make a good first impression by dressing up like a big chicken on the first night of filming, which was March 15. Fleiss tweeted a photo of the lad, who seems to be doing a mash-up tribute to Tiara the Chicken Enthusiast and Alexis the Aspiring Dolphin Trainer, who showed up in a shark costume. It was a whole thing.

Becca looked great, though. Chris Harrison grammed a shot of himself with the potential bride-to-be, who was wearing a gorgeous white gown.

The stunning @bkoof is ready for night one #thebachelorette

A post shared by Chris Harrison (@chrisbharrison) on

A few of Becca's Bachelor friends are coming to visit. Fleiss tweeted a photo of the guys giving women pedicures. One of those women? Bekah M.

The brunette whose face isn't visible might be Tia or Caroline and the blonde is probably Kendall, since they were all there to support Becca on After the Final Rose.

There's going to be a dodgeball group date. Fleiss tweeted a photo of Becca looking ready to peg someone.

There's going to be a homecoming group date. Fleiss shared a photo of Becca and Chris Harrison on the gridiron with the Ventura College marching band. So it could be a football game, a drumline lesson or both.

Hot tubs are back! The sacred Bachelor tradition of the hot tub date was not observed during Arie's season. Arie had very little time to prepare from when he was cast to when filming started, so he wasn't in the kind of Calvin Klein ad shape most people are in when they do the show. Because of that, he opted not to take his shirt off.

That will change this season. Becca and her guys must have been training like Olympians to look good in swimwear, because Mike Fleiss says hot tubs are back.

Football players are Becca's type. Becca's ex who crashed The Bachelor (and will not be appearing on The Bachelorette to try to win her back) works for Stanford's football team. Becca told Ellen DeGeneres that her celebrity crush is retired linebacker Michael Strahan. At least one of her guys, Darius, is a former college football player, and it's rumored that there will be a few more in the cast, including former NFL players.

The key art does the damn thing. Chris Harrison released the Season 14 key art on his Instagram, and it makes heavy use of Becca's catchphrase. Check it out!


The first promo is here. She breaks a heart with Arie's face as he was proposing to her in two.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 28 at 8/7c on ABC.