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The Bachelor: The 8 Greatest "Women Tell All" Moments

Remember the time Rozlyn Papa insulted Chris Harrison?

Liam Mathews

Monday is the highly-anticipated "Women Tell All" episode of The Bachelor, where the cast-off contestants reconvene to air out their grievances with each other and the man who put them there, in this case Nick Viall.

This season's WTA's main event will be the reunion of Corinne the nasty sexy baby and Taylor the mental health counselor who wasn't as mature as she thought. They had this season's biggest beef, and their inevitable confrontation is likely to be the night's biggest takeaway.

To get you psyched for that -- and whatever other weird, hilarious, unpredictable moments will get social media buzzing Monday night -- here are our eight most memorable "Women Tell All" moments from our favorite seasons of The Bachelor.

​Lace, The Bachelor

Lace, The Bachelor


8. That time some dude got a Lace tattoo
Before Olivia became the breakout villain of Ben Higgins' season, there was Lace, who was "crazy" (mostly she was very drunk). To celebrate her craziness, some dude in the audience revealed that he got a tattoo of Lace's face. It was fake -- he's not really that crazy -- but it was still pretty funny.

​Alex Michel, The Bachelor

Alex Michel, The Bachelor


7. That time girls said the'd have rejected roses if they'd gotten them
Season 1 of The Bachelor was very different than what the show is now. Now, the women basically say they're helplessly in love with the Bachelor before they even meet him. But back in the day the Bachelor actually had to prove himself to the women just as much as they had to prove themselves to him. In the first "Women Tell All," someone in the studio audience asked the women why none of them rejected a rose, which would be an unthinkable question today. Tina, a contestant who was eliminated early, answered that she would have had one been offered.

"Alex is this perfect guy on paper," Tina said, "and you walk in and there's no sparks, nothing, and I was ready to turn him down." Could you imagine someone saying this night one now? She would be ostracized. Now if you're not ready to get married as soon as you get there, you're a villain (cough, Chad, cough).

​Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo Galavis, The Bachelor

Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo Galavis, The Bachelor


6. That time Juan Pablo got called out for being homophobic
While his season was airing, Juan Pablo Galavis said there should never be a gay Bachelor because gay people are "more pervert" and don't set "a good example" for kids, because Juan Pablo isn't very smart. At the "Women Tell All," one of his castoffs, Kelly, confronted him about his comments, telling him that she was personally hurt, because she has a gay parent. He said he was taken out of context -- he wasn't -- and patronizingly telling her that he'd talk to her after the show. So other women jumped in and continued to criticize him for using "English is my second language" as an excuse. Not okay, Juan Pablo. His final word: "I love gay people. I have no problem with them, because I respect them, because they were born that way." Whatever, dude.

​Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn Bristowe, The Bachelor

Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn Bristowe, The Bachelor

David Moir, ABC

5. That time Kaitlyn confronted Chris Soules
Kaitlyn secured her spot on The Bachelorette during the "Men Tell All" when Chris Soules couldn't give her closure on why he sent her home right after their fantasy suite date when things were seemingly going so well.

"There's really no true explanation. At that point, I was literally falling in love with three women," Chris told Kaitlyn as she cried. "You're kind of throwing darts at a dartboard in the dark." Not good enough, Chris! It all worked out for Kaitlyn, though. She's still engaged to her Bachelorette beau Shawn Booth.

​Chris Harrison and Olivia, The Bachelor

Chris Harrison and Olivia, The Bachelor


4. That time a villain got humanized
Olivia was the villain of Ben's season, but really she was just misunderstood and had kind of a big mouth (literally and figuratively). She got confronted for her offensive "Teen Mom" comment about Amanda's kids and for thinking she was smarter than the rest of the girls. Where Olivia varies from, say, Corinne, who you know is not going to apologize for her bad behavior, Olivia said she was truly sorry to Amanda and single mothers everywhere. She said she was severely bullied as a child, and the cyberbullying she got from going on the show sent her to a very dark place (though it wasn't bad enough to keep her from cashing in on her Bachelor notoriety more than anyone else from Ben's season). Still, a true villain never sincerely apologizes, and this moment began Olivia's successful image rehab campaign.

​Cathy, The Bachelor

Cathy, The Bachelor


3. That time Cathy got new boobs
Cathy, Season 1's biggest character, showed up at the "Women Tell All" looking...different.

"I almost hate to ask this," said Chris Harrison, "what's new with you since the show?"

"I colored my hair a little," she joked, as she pushed up her new cleavage. The real explanation: "I enhanced myself."

"In what way?" Harrison asked, disingenuous as ever.

"In the chest region," she said, to laughs from the other women and studio audience.

This is a marked difference from this season's openly enhanced contestant Alexis, who celebrated the one year anniversary of her implants on the show.

​Chris Harrison, Catherine and Sean Lowe, The Bachelor

Chris Harrison, Catherine and Sean Lowe, The Bachelor


2. "Quick Fireworks"
Juan Pablo's "Women Tell All" was briefly hijacked by previous Bachelor Sean Lowe (who people actually liked) and his wife Catherine, who told Chris Harrison and the world about the night the virgin Bachelor became a man. "The wedding night was very romantic, rose petals and me and my husband," said Catherine and we got to look at our rings, and ..."

"Fireworks! Fireworks!" Sean interjected.

"Yeah," said Catherine, smiling as she set up the punchline. "Quick fireworks."

Get it? To quote Norm Macdonald, "he premature ejaculated." The studio audience loved it.

Then Sean told a weird story about his penis getting bitten by a stingray. I love The Bachelor.

​Rozlyn Papa and Chris Harrison, The Bachelor

Rozlyn Papa and Chris Harrison, The Bachelor


1. The Rozlyn Papa debacle
The Rozlyn Papa story is one of the craziest ones in Bachelor history, which is really saying something. Rozlyn was kicked off Jake Pavelka's season for hooking up with a producer, who was also fired. She came back to defend herself on the "Women Tell All," swearing on her child's life that nothing physical happened between them. No one was buying it, so she got into it with Chris Harrison. The host said that the fired producer was a friend of his and it was hard to see him go, to which Rozlyn replied, "That's news to him, especially when you were hitting on his wife in New Zealand." This really happened. Harrison said he wouldn't dignify that with a response, but he was stunned. He recovered, and ended with "I hope truly in my heart that you have learned a life lesson and I hope you will become a better person from this." Kill 'em with kindness, Chris.

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All airs Monday, March 6th at 9/8c after an hour of regular Bachelor.