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The next time we see Clarke (Eliza Taylor) on The 100, she'll be very different than who she was before.

Surviving six years on the ground virtually alone is bound to change a person, of course, and so it comes as no surprise to learn that the now-24-year-old Clarke will have become even more hardened than when she was known as the "Commander of Death" in her teens.

But according to creator Jason Rothenberg, the toughened Clarke will be hopelessly devoted to her adopted daughter, Madi, whose introduction was one of the season finale's most shocking revelations. The Season 5 premiere will include some flashbacks explaining the origins of Madi and Clarke's bond, but by the time we see them together again in the present day, her love of Madi will have completely shifted Clarke's priorities.

We doubt this new mama bear Clarke will welcome the new group of criminals who encroach on her and Madi's safe haven when The 100 returns. That leaves us to wonder: How do you say "Mother of Death" in Grounder?

The 100 is scheduled to return in 2018 on the CW.