The wait between seasons of The 100 is always tough because every finale leaves us on a cliffhanger so massive that we doubt the writers will ever be able to top it. Then the next season finale comes around and they somehow manage to go above and beyond all expectations!

The Season 5 finale raised the stakes to intergalactic new heights as Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) woke up from their cryogenic sleep only to discover that instead of being under for 10 years, they'd been out for over 100! As the now-grown son of Harper (Chelsey Reist) and Monty (Christopher Larkin) explained, Earth never became hospitable, so the survivors were kept asleep until they could find a new planet to colonize. That's right, the Hundred are heading to a new planet... but that doesn't mean they'll be alone once they get there.

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Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley and creator Jason Rothenberg gathered at New York Comic Con on Saturday to discuss what to expect after that massive twist and to share the first look at Season 6, available on TVLine. Here are five things we learned from the revealing event.

1. It's a whole new world, literally. The move to the new, still unnamed planet marks a completely new era in The 100 that will go beyond just the setting. "We really are changing everything and the show is so different," Rothenberg said.

Although he wouldn't say much about what to expect of the new planet, Rothenberg did reveal it is "alive and lush," aka the polar opposite of Earth when they left it. The differences in this new planet go from completely different stars and lighting to a whole new culture, a topic on which Rothenberg remained frustratingly mum.

2. Not everyone is going to the ground right away. As the photos reveal, the Hundred send a small crew to explore the new planet before everyone on the transport ship joins them. From what we can see, the people joining this initial expedition are Clarke, Bellamy, Murphy, Echo, Emori, Miller, Jackson and Shaw.

3. Bellamy and Echo are still going strong. In one of the first look photos of the new season, we saw Bellamy and Echo having an intimate cuddle on the new planet while Clarke sits nearby staring longingly at a roaring fire. So if you were hoping for some romantic Bellarke moments coming up, recalibrate your expectations to be more about Becho.

<em>The 100</em>The 100

4. Clarke will reckon with her own past. After the action-packed fifth season, the coming episodes will slow down enough for Clarke to actually have the time to reflect on some of her previous actions - including those she may regret. "She holds a lot of guilt," Taylor said. "I think one good thing about this season is there's more conversation and dealing with the things we maybe skipped over last season."

5. Shawn Mendes is still alive. Something that is not brought up enough is the fact that Shawn Mendes made a cameo in the Season 3 premiere as Skaikru member Macallan. But after so many mass deaths and apocalypses, has Shawn Mendes survived so far? According to Rothenberg, yes! Macallan "is in cryo," he said. Does that mean Mendes will return? Probably not, but it is fun to imagie Shawn Mendes getting to discover a new planet.

The 100 will return to The CW midseason. Check out more of the first look photos on TVLine.

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