Getting laid-off sucks, but these employees from a recently shut down Canadian Target store decided to use their new unemployment for good.

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While being pulled slowly around the empty Target, five of the store's former employees perform a woeful cover of Semisonic's 1998 single "Closing Time."

But the men weren't just vying for Internet fame when they created the video. "We poured our heart into our final goodbye through song, to a job we loved, and a building that contains so many great memories," Evan Hobein told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Semisonic got wind of the video and called it "really powerful." "That slow walk through the empty store and the sounds of things being loaded in the background. I really hope these guys find jobs," drummer Jacob Slichter said.

A spokesman for Target, Evan Lapiska, said executives were "pleased to see the positive reaction" to the video.