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Survivor Season 39 Recap: Let's Talk About That Tribal Council Train Wreck

Things got a little crazy in this week's episode of "Survivor: Island of the Idols" -- our podcast has the dish

Lance Cartelli

Welcome to Survivor Brothers: The Ultimate Unofficial Podcast From TV Guide. In this episode, hosts Lance Cartelli and Fox Van Allen, from the Big Brother Brothers podcast, discuss the most recent installment of Survivor: Island of the Idols, the hectic "A Very Simple Plan."

Your Survivor Brothers hosts discuss the incredibly chaotic Tribal Council that sent Karishma Patel to the jury, and the Dean Kowalski and Noura Salman quarrel that ruined the seemingly simple plan to vote out Tommy Sheehan.

The hosts also break down the wild immunity idol hunt, and whether Elaine Stott played her advantage correctly. Then the pair looks ahead to next week to see who might be in trouble in advance of the Season 39 finale.

Listen to this week's Survivor Brothers for all the buzz.

Screen Grab, CBS

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