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Survivor's Next Season Pits Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

The series is going back to a familiar place

Tim Surette

Whether you're the type to rush into a burning building to save a puppy, a person who wants to cradle a baby bird, or a person who busts his/her tail to get by, Survivor's 35th season has a place for you.

During the Game Changers Season 34 finale of the long-running CBS series, the theme for Season 35 was announced: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. It's pretty self explanatory, but let's explain it anyway. Contestants will be divided into three groups depending on how they are perceived (and, obviously, their occupation).

For example, a hunky firefighter? He's a hero. A surgeon? A healer. A personal assistant? A hustler. Each group has a perceived trait that they're known for, and they'll have to work together to try to be the last person standing (until the inevitable twist, that is).

Who Won Survivor: Game Changers?

The promo for the upcoming season also highlighted six contestants. From the heroes, we saw marine Ben and lifeguard Ashley. From the healers, we briefly met surgeon Mike and physical therapist Desi. And the hustlers were personal assistant Ali and bellhop Ryan.

Next season will also see the show return to Fiji, where the series has filmed the last two seasons.