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Who Won Survivor: Game Changers?

Plus: After 34 seasons, a Tribal Council first!

Liz Raftery

Survivor: Game Changerslived up to its name until the very end.

At the end of a very tumultuous season, the million-dollar prize went to Sarah Lacina by a narrow margin over Brad Culpepper.

The jury went hard on Sarah at the final Tribal Council, accusing her of backstabbing basically everyone on her rise to the top, and literally laughing off Sarah (and Tai's) protests that all of her personal relationships were genuine. But Sarah pointed to winning moves she made, including stealing the secret advantage that was intended for Michaela.

Leading up to the final vote, Cirie was sent home in the first Tribal Council of the night -- but not voted out, mind you. Cirie's torch was snuffed even though not a single vote was cast for her because she was the only person eligible to receive votes after Brad won the individual immunity challenge, Tai played his immunity idols for himself and Aubry, Troyzan played his immunity idol, and Sarah played the legacy advantage she inherited from Sierra.

Survivor: Game Changers
Screen Grab, CBS

Cirie called the dismissal "bittersweet," and received a standing ovation at the reunion special.

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Brad went on to win the night's second individual immunity challenge as well, bringing his challenge victory total up to four -- and the tribe voted Aubry out at that night's Tribal.

And Brad's winning streak continued at the next immunity challenge as well, allowing him to tie the record of most individual immunity challenges won in a season (five). And Tai was voted out at the final Tribal Council, making the final three Sarah, Brad and Troyzan.

The format of the final Tribal Council was changed up as well, with the final three's arguments to the jury structured under the topics of Outwit (their social game), Outplay (performance in challenges and around camp) and Outlast (did they pick the right people to go to the final three with), rather than allowing each jury member to address the final three one by one.

Survivor returns with a new season in the fall.

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