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Jared Padalecki Says Sam and Dean's Death Might Be the Only Way to End Supernatural

Plus: The cast breaks down their final season wishlist

Keisha Hatchett

Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins have some hefty goals for Season 15. After breaking the news in an emotional Twitter video back in March that the long-running series would come to an end next season, the trio is opening up about what they want to see before it's all said and done. In the video above, the gang breaks down their final season wishlist, including what should happen to Sam and Dean and which familiar faces they'd like to see return.

"I want Season 15 to be a great season, obviously. It's our last season. But I want it to feel like it's gonna go on," Padalecki told TV Guide during The CW's upfronts red carpet. "I don't want Sam to feel like it's the ending. I want Sam to feel like he's still making a difference, that he's still helping other people. And so, I don't want it to feel like doom and gloom, too much...I want Sam to still fight, to keep fighting and keep supporting his brother and his friends and his family."

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We don't yet know how the show will conclude, but Collins revealed the ending he thinks makes the most sense, which is for Sam, Dean and Cas to die. "I hate to say this but I kind of hope that the main characters on the show die at the end. I feel like we need that finality," said Misha.

"If they die--I don't know, I don't think it's written yet--but if they do die, I want them to die going out doing something they love that will make the world a better place," explained Padalecki. "Part of me thinks that's the only way to end Supernatural. Because if the boys were alive, they'd be hunting, and if they're hunting, I want to see them hunting. Maybe that's the way it goes, I don't know."

The Season 14 finale set the tone for an epic final season, wrapping on a shocking cliffhanger that saw Chuck (Rob Benedict) murder Jack, who was sent to the Big Empty, before unleashing all hell on Earth. As all hell broke loose (literally), Sam, Dean, and Cas were last seen surrounded by an army of the undead ready to presumably feast on their flesh.

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"It certainly lays a landscape now for anything to happen. The fact that he's [Chuck] opened the gates to heaven and hell and said, 'You guys figure it out' really puts us in a position to go anywhere and to have anybody come back," Ackles said of the finale. "I'm hoping we take full advantage of that, and I have a feeling that we might."

Some of those familiar faces they'd like to see back include Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), the Winchesters' deceased father John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who appeared in the milestone 300th episode, the dearly-departed archangel Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.), and Sam and Dean's long-lost half-brother Adam (Jake Abel), who found himself locked in Lucifer's (Mark Pellegrino) cage in Season 5.

"I'd love to figure out what happened to Adam," said Padalecki. Added Ackles, "Maybe we finally deal with the fact that our half-brother is locked in a cage."

Supernatural begins its final descent this fall on The CW.

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, Supernatural

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