Something's up with Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) on Supernatural. After committing some pretty gruesome deeds, Michael vacated Dean's body without a fight and the easy dismissal has raised some questions over whether or not Dean is actually back or if Michael never left and is pretending to be the elder Winchester. For those of you worried that Dean's return might not be sincere, you can rest easy. According to Supernatural boss Andrew Dabb, the Dean you see is the real deal.

"It is Dean. He is no longer possessed," he confirmed to TV Guide.

With Dean back in control of his own body, the real question now is what Michael's next move will be. Why did he leave Dean's body so suddenly? The coming episodes will find Dean, Sam (Jared Padalecki), Cas (Misha Collins) and the rest of the crew searching for an answer to that important question, especially since Michael is well on his way to building a super army of jacked up werewolves and vampires.

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"I think our guys are in a little bit of a mad scramble to figure out what exactly is going on so they can try to resolve this. Michael will be returning in kind of a big and cool way. But right now, they're trying to figure out what his motivations are," Dabb explained.

Even if they figure out Michael's plan, their problems will be far from over. The gang must also figure out how to stop Michael since the only thing that can kill an archangel is another archangel and they're pretty short on those. In the meantime, Dean will grapple with what's been done in his body and it looks like the consequences of Michael's actions will have a lasting effect on him. "Dean comes back extremely driven to stop Michael and [figure] out why his memories of has happened are not clear," added Dabb.

Also feeling the pain of an archangel's possession is Nick (Mark Pellegrino) who has regained full control of his body following Lucifer's death in the Season 13 finale. The transition back to full consciousness has been a rough road so far and he has struggled with the disturbing memories of Satan's dirty deeds.

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"You're dealing with a Nick who is no longer possessed who is suffering all the trauma of being possessed by the Devil for years. He's decided, 'I can't make up for the things Lucifer did while he was riding me around. There's no way to make up for that. But what I can do is go and try to figure out who hurt my family,'" said Dabb.

The quest has become all the more complicated since pieces of Lucifer still exist in Nick and he's begun to appropriate some the Devil's old mannerisms. Despite Nick exhibiting disturbing tendencies that suggest Lucifer may still be inside of him, Dabb says Lucifer really is dead but maybe not for good. "I've been with Supernatural too long to say that he's gone for good permanently. What I will say that there is no current plan for him to return to the show," he teased.

With Lucifer officially dead, Nick's journey will be about trying to gain back some sense of normalcy after riding backseat in his own body for quite some time--something Dean certainly can relate to.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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