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The Supernatural duo's hotness is out of this world.

Supernaturally Hot, On-Set
1 of 16 Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

1. On-Set Action

Jensen and Jared are perfection on the set of Supernatural.

2 of 16 Diyah Pera/The CW

2. Celebrating Supernatural’s 200th Episode

That's 200 episodes of awesome and counting!

3 of 16 Corbis

3. Comic-Con

The show's faithful flock to the fanfest to greet the sexy stars. And for good reason.

4 of 16 Diyah Pera/The CW

4. Seeing the Sights

Taking sexy on the road, one historic landmark at a time.

5 of 16 Splash

5. 2014 Critics Choice Awards

The red carpet never looked so otherworldly.

6 of 16 PhamousFotos, © PhamousFotos/ /Splash News/Corbis

6. Jared with the Boys

Any picture with Jared and his sons is a winner.

7 of 16 Splash

7. Proud Papa

Jensen's excitement for fatherhood looks so good on him.

8 of 16 Splash

8. Jensen vs. Movember

Jensen looks beyond fine while sporting face fur for No-Shave November.

9 of 16 Corbis

9. Jared vs. Movember

One sexy turn deserves another.

10 of 16 Splash

10. Mile-High Hottie

Those lucky flight attendants.

11 of 16 Splash

11. And to Top It Off

When Jared covers those sexy strands with a beanie it just works, ok?

12 of 16 Adam Orchon/Everett Collection

12. When Silly Met Sexy

These two just can't help it, can they?

13 of 16 Splash

13. Jared Loves Genevieve

And we love that about him.

14 of 16 Splash

4. And Jensen Loves Danneel

So much "awww..."

15 of 16 Corbis

15. Throwback Swoon

Drooling over Jared started long ago.

16 of 16 Corbis

16. So Spiffy

Not that they need to get dressed up to look good, but mee-yow!