[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday's Season7 finale of Suits! Read at your own risk]

Suits fans must prepare for another off season of "Will they? Won't they?" questions when it comes to their favorite 'ship.

Season 7 of the USA legal drama ended with another twist in the Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Harvey (Garbriel Macht) saga. After a tense trial where Harvey's new nemesis tried to use Donna against him, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) swooped in to push Donna to tell Harvey how she really feels — something she's been debating for the last 10 episodes.

Donna is more a woman of action than words though, and she decides to tell Harvey the truth with a passionate kiss. He wasn't expecting it, of course. Donna left him in her office with his jaw on the floor as she left apologizing, "I'm sorry, Harvey. I just needed to know."

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The problem is, we don't know what that kiss revealed. Did it confirm for Donna that she belongs with Harvey or did it do the opposite? Is she running out of the room to find her ex or is she going to drown herself in whiskey because Harvey is already in a committed relationship? We won't know until the show returns, but USA hasn't renewed it for a Season 8 yet.

Harvey has been in denial this entire season about the potential for him and Donna to be "more" and has given himself over to his new relationship while Donna grappled with her disappointment. Now he'll have to figure out his own feelings for the woman who has always known him better than he knows himself. We, of course, want to know exactly what that kiss meant to Harvey as well.

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Unfortunately, Donna's declaration couldn't come at a worse time. She dropped the bomb as Harvey was still reeling from the fact that Jessica (Gina Torres) was disbarred. Her name will have to be stripped from the wall of Pearson Specter Litt — clearing the way for her own series set in Chicago — making Harvey's ownership of the firm official. As talented as Harvey is, he's never been that good at juggling too many emotional things at one time. It's entirely possible that Harvey will choose to focus on work rather than Donna's proposition.

It's been considered inevitable for Donna and Harvey to end up together, but Suits has found a way to re-raise those questions with added stakes, and created an even foggier path to their endgame than ever before.

The latest twist just proves what Suits fans already know — this show is better than anyone at the "Will-they-won't-they" game. This question has been haunting fans for seven full seasons now. The smartest shows manage it three or four seasons tops before having to fully dive into their proposed one true pairing. Donna and Harvey are an inevitable endgame for Suits, but the show continues to find ways to twist the couple in different directions without giving in to actually putting them together.

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