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Suits: Rick Hoffman Breaks Down Louis' Game Changing Decision

This is going to make or break everything

Megan Vick

The team finally seems like it's on the same page on Suits, but a game changing move in Louis' personal life could blow it all up.

The 100th episode of the USA legal drama, directed by series star Patrick J. Adams, brought back a few familiar faces, including Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris), the love of Louis' (Rick Hoffman) life and his one that got away. She's taken a position at Columbia in New York City to be closer to her fiancée, but once Louis comes storming into her office she's ready to throw caution to the wind and asks her former love for one more roll in the hay via one hysterically vulgar phone conversation.

Louis has spent all season leveling out his uneven emotions after his last breakup, and the team at Pearson Specter Litt managed all foreseeable major crises in the landmark episode. Now Louis has re-entered the romantic ring with the woman who tore his heart out and everyone knows that Louis can either be the firm's biggest asset or its largest liability depending on how emotionally stable he is.

TV Guide talked to Hoffman about Louis' decision to show up for Sheila's indecent proposal, the potential fallout and what this could mean for the firm going forward.

Rick Hoffman, Suits​

Rick Hoffman, Suits

USA Network, Ian Watson/USA Network

Louis has worked so hard on controlling his impulses and making progress this season. How is Sheila being back going to affect him?

Rick Hoffman: You see at the end of the episode that he does enter the room, so one can only imagine how that night goes based on that insanely ridiculous conversation they had of what she wants to do to him. It will obviously throw a nice little bomb into the entire Louis progression. Or it may catapult him forward in his progression depending on how he and Dr. Lipschitz handle it.

Do you think he's at a point where he can accept this is a one night stand that she needs before she gets married or does it completely reignite his feelings for Sheila?

Hoffman: Without giving any of the other episodes away, Louis has very strong feelings for Sheila. One can imagine what might happen if one spends the night with someone you're incredibly in love with and had your heart broken from. I don't think I have to really say anymore.

What was it like having to film that phone conversation where she makes this insane proposal?

Hoffman: It's hard to see myself make those ridiculous faces where I have 18 chins. What was it like? Rachael's availability right now is slim to none because of the show she's on, so we had to get her in on one day. Her part of the phone conversation was shot one day and mine was done another day. Rachael and I rehearsed it when she was in town for that one day. Rachael and I are used to each other's timing, so it didn't take long for us. With Patrick's direction it didn't take us long to get it the way Patrick wanted it. It was off to the races.

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When you filmed your segment did you use Rachael's audio or do you have someone like Patrick reading lines?

Hoffman: When I'm on phone conversations I usually don't use the actor. We have a great line reader, whose name is Imogen, who should be mentioned because she is the one who helps us memorize all of our lines and she is a wonderful actress. Imogen is usually off camera but for this particular scene, Patrick stood there and he read those lines like he was Sheila, which was kind of hilarious.

I'm cracking up thinking about it.

Hoffman: I'm cracking up thinking about it too because he would direct me and then get right back into doing Sheila.

One of the things I loved about this episode was the parallel between Louis and Donna at the end of the episode as they both make these big decisions about their romantic partners. What does it say about Louis that he went into Sheila's hotel room and Donna didn't go into [Mark's]?

Hoffman: It just shows where one is in that part of their maturity and with their restraint when it comes to love. Louis is getting better as a human being but he's certainly not -- I wouldn't hire him as a nursery school teacher just yet. Donna is further ahead in that part of someone's life. When it comes to relationships [that scene] shows where Donna is and it shows exactly where Louis is.

Are you rooting for Louis to have a happy romantic ending or do you think he's not ready yet?

Hoffman: Of course! Anyone who doesn't like Louis at this point doesn't get the show. They don't get Suits. If you're not rooting for Louis to some degree, I don't know why you like the show. That guy, as the character says in this episode, "It's been so long since something good has happened to me." The guys deserves to have something good happen to him after the breakup! He represents the little guy. He might have been a real douche years ago, but we clearly see how much he's improved. You have to feel a little something for the guy, I'd hope.

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This episode really felt like it got everyone at the firm back on the same page. Can we breathe easy a little bit for Pearson Specter Litt?

Hoffman: You can breathe easy for a second. I don't want to really say anything more than that. It's nice right now...I think in any highly intense, competitive field, whether it be law or financial or whatever it is, it ebbs and flows. It's a high stressed intense career with tons of obstacles that are coming your way at all times. So I can't imagine [the peace] lasting too long at Pearson Specter Litt.

What are you most excited for fans to see in the remainder of the season?

Hoffman: Once again, the writers pull no punches. I always enjoy this time of the episode run because usually, Episodes 8, 9 and 10 leave the audience with something interesting. I always love to see what their reaction is whether it's positive or negative. The writers are fearless and they've got something up their sleeve.

Suits continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.