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Suits 100th Episode: Donna Isn't Sure Harvey Is "The One"

Hold your horses, "Darvey" fans

Megan Vick

It's been almost seven seasons, but "Darvey" still might not be happening on Suits.

This season has largely been about Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) trying to conquer the world as Chief Operating Officer of Pearson Spector Litt after telling Harvey (Gabriel Macht) ominously that she wants "more" in last season's finale. She's had some stumbles along the way, but for the most part Donna is reveling in the power that she so rightfully deserves.

Then, as it always happens when Donna is finally getting ahead, those feelings for her boss/best friend/professional soulmate Harvey came knocking on the door and threw Donna for a loop. She didn't realize he was dating someone else when Donna always knows what Harvey is doing. The sudden knowledge that he's found a woman -- his former therapist Paula (Christina Cole) -- who can handle his emotional issues at least almost as well as Donna can has freaked our favorite COO out. Does all of that mean that Harvey is the one Donna wants, though?

Ahead of Wednesday's 100th episode -- which is directed by Suits star Patrick J. Adams -- TV Guide talked to Rafferty about Donna's re-emerging feelings for Harvey, what they mean and what Donna really wants this season.

Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty, Suits​

Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty, Suits

USA Network, Shane Mahood/USA Network

What did you think Donna meant by "I want more" when she said it at the end of last season and how has that compared to what it's actually turned out to mean?

Sarah Rafferty: The way that I interpreted it was, then Harvey said, "What do you mean more?" -- that was a pretty full question from Harvey. She looked at him and what I found in the moment was that she kind of dug around and was like, "I don't think it means you. I think it means something that I've never really touched base with before."

She wanted to be an actress. She didn't want to be a lawyer. She didn't want to be a business person so she said, "I'm going to have to figure that out." She went and figured that out and she wanted to be partner. She wanted to be appreciated by everybody at the firm. She wanted the title. She didn't in that moment think that she wanted Harvey.

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We're coming up to a point where she's starting to realize maybe she does want Harvey. What does that mean for her, especially now that she has this new position?

Rafferty: I don't think she's realizing she wants Harvey, necessarily. I don't think it's that black and white. I think it's stirring up that there's a void in her life. It's stirring up the question of why that void is there. In this week's episode we flashback to potentially Mark [Donna's ex] and Donna's last date, or one of their last dates, where it was really because Harvey was a third party in their relationship. She's clearly reflecting on why, why she's alone right now.

I don't necessarily think that means she picks Harvey as the guy that would fill that life partner position for her. I think she's just starting to wonder. I think she's starting to awaken to the fact that she is experiencing a deeper kind of loneliness and void in that department.

If Harvey isn't the guy for Donna, what qualities would she need in the man that does fill that void?

Rafferty: I don't know one way or the other that it's not Harvey. I want to be clear because I have so much respect and love for our most passionate viewers -- many of them are the "Darvey" fans. I really, really care about how they feel. I'm not saying that she knows it's not him...She's a professional woman. She's not going to move forward into a job where anyone could misinterpret her being there on the fact that she slept with someone. She got that job and she excels in her career because of her own skills, her work ethic and her dedication and her super powers -- which are hers! That's really important.

I think all along she has always questioned if Harvey has the emotional IQ, the emotional connection that would be enough for her. That has always been the obstacle for them...She needs a grown up.

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Since this is the 100th episode, what was it like being directed by Patrick for such a monumental Suits milestone?

Rafferty: That felt really awesome and right just because the cast is all really close. We've been on this journey together for seven years. Every episode of Suits is great and moves the story forward. When we get to this number in a season like a 708 or a 608, we're just two episodes away from the finale. It's always a delicious, rich episode. It just gave it a wonderful energy that Patrick was directing it. We're all seven years older or seven years of our lives have gone by. We've shared that with each other. I definitely had really awesome moments of feeling emotional. Patrick feels like a brother to me. I've gotten to bask in being really proud of all that he is and all that he's become and all of where he's going...It's really comfortable while at the same time being super psyched and proud of your friend.

What are you most excited for people to see in this episode?

Rafferty: Louis [Rick Hoffman] and I have a great scene on the roof. It was shot so beautifully. That was another moment of being really excited for Patrick because he had this gorgeous crane shot set up and there we were on the roof together. That was a really beautiful scene.

I also really loved working with Jay Harrington. He's really wonderful. He plays Mark...He's really great. I keep saying to Aaron [Korsh, creator], "So how do we work it out that he can come back [even though he's filming] SWAT? Do we shoot on the weekends?" I even said today, "I hope your show tanks and you come work with us."

The Suits 100th episode airs Wednesday, Aug. 30 at 9/8c on USA.